It’s All Adding Up

With some trepidation, I’ve sold the drop-leaf table I bought from an ex-brother-in-law about 30 years ago. I loved that table and used it for most of my single life living in St. Catharines. It’s been used for dining, extra counter-space and even packing up Christmas goodies for my family. Once I married, there wasn’t much use for it, but I did manage to use it as an extra wrapping table at Christmas.

We’ve now come to that stage in our lives where everyone in the family is either an adult or young adult and wrapped presents have become pretty much non-existent. So the table has been sitting in our basement since the day we moved to this new old house. Every now and again I’d pass it on the way to the freezer and ask myself “do I, or don’t I?“. That day came a few weeks ago and on Thursday I received an offer from a nice lady in Welland. When she arrived in her little car, we knew right away we had a problem. She had mentioned that her father could come and get it with his truck, but she also wondered if we couldn’t at least give it a try to put it in her car with the back seat folded down. Nat brought the table up from the basement and between the three of us, we managed to squeeze it in. We really don’t want to know how she managed to get it out of her car once she arrived home.

While our granddaughter has been in Mexico helping out in a community in the poorer district of Mexico City, I was getting some baking done for when she gets home. She’ll be off to college in September and I’m trying to stock up in a variety of munchies so I can send her some treats via courier now and again. Nat and I are both anxious to go to her farewell get-together before she leaves. We’re especially looking forward to her pics she took while away.

The rest of the week has been filled with upgrading Gail’s blog – – and have just finished the final touches today. As each photo was in different dimensions, it took some time to get them all sized the same, add a little frame and then re-upload each. I ended up using 3 different programs to get things done, but it worked out just fine. It was also good practice as I’ve not done much in this department in quite some time. Keeps the old brain sharp – or at least to a somewhat dull point!

As I’m posting this, Nat’s received a call from Laura. Apparently dear grandson is in hospital with a broken arm. Apparently they were sliding into base at baseball practise and I’m thinking he dove too hard?? The surgeon may be in tonight to get his arm set, or it may not be until the morning. However it works out, the dear lad is getting his fist taste of hospital food. Good luck with that, Lucas!!!! Papa Nat and Grandma will try and drop by once he gets home and bring him some treats as we think he’s going to be tied up for a week or two, at least!!

Despite our lack of enthusiasm and activities this month, it’s certainly flown by. We’re still awaiting our contractor with a truck load of new windows to install and we’re praying he’ll be able to make it before the end of August. September is only a few weeks away and then we’ll be into the craft shows and all that good stuff. Wow!! Something to do and even better – a chance to go shopping!!

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