It’s The Same Old Song …

As usual, there’s nothing new around here. On Monday we decided to take our quarterly trip to Costco. Ended up spending close to $300.00 only because this time we also needed paper products (kleenex, paper towels, etc.) along with our usual supply of meat, fish, etc. This is the only place where we’ll buy fish – the trout and haddock are the best, as are the pork tenderloins and port chops.  In fact, the pork chops were so thick this time we sliced them in half and doubled the value for our money.

While in town we decided to have our lunch and then meandered home to raise Nat’s blood pressure as he tries to work with the FoodSaver that we really hate. Haven’t yet decided on what to replace it with, but for now each time Nat tries to seal something he has to wait for the damn thing to cool down before it will work again. I literally had to stand there and watch him so he doesn’t get mad and put his blood pressure through the roof. I try to make a joke out of it to calm him down, but now he just gets up and walks around the kitchen for a minute or two. Hopefully next trip to Costco we’ll have a replacement he won’t get so upset over.

As with billions of other people around the world, we’ve been keeping an eye on the Olympic events. I really don’t like the Summer Olympics – boring as hell in my opinion – but Nat likes the soccer, the diving, the rowing, the gymnastics, etc. so I keep one eye on the games to keep him company. I really have no other choice, as every television station that is not running the Olympics are running repeats and it’s getting so bad I could tear my hair out – and I don’t have a lot to tear out, so I’d be bald within a couple of days, trust me!!  I’m a huge fan of the Winter Olympics – so much more action and thrills in the Downhill Racing, Luge, Skiing, Bobsled, etc.

Those nights that we’re not watching the games, we’ve been watching a lot of our DVD collection. We’ve watched each of the seasons we have in  “As Time Goes By”, “Castle”, “Mad About You”, “New Tricks”, “Hustle”, “Law and Order”, “Law and Order, U.K.”, “Inspector Lewis”, “Hamish MacBeth”, etc.  It’s gotten so bad that we’re desperately waiting for the next seasons to come out on The only advantage to re-watching these shows is that our memories are bad enough that we only remember each murder mystery as the show progresses. We sit there and debate which of the characters is the murderer. Once the guy is shown, we’ll both shout out “that’s him, that”s the guy that …., remember?” Seriously, could this get any worse!!!

On another front, I’ve been making a valiant attempt at getting a good supply of cookies in the freezer. The freezer is literally empty and as much as I hate turning on the oven during this summer heat, I have no choice. Karly’s on her way to College in September and (bless her heart) she’s asked for some of Grandma’s cookies to take with her. She’s attempting to organize a going-away party when she gets back from Mexico, so I’ll have a good supply for then. I’m also going to do research on packing and shipping a supply now and again via courier to her during the year. It will be her first time away from home for a long period of time (which I’m sure she’ll manage, just fine!), but there’s nothing like a treat from home to put a smile on your face.

I also broke out from my “same-old-same-old” and had highlights put in my hair. Really love the way it turned out and am going to try and keep them up.

As the yawning begins again (I’ve been doing that a lot lately) I’ll get back to work and begin updating Gail’s blog site. She’s sent pictures of her latest jewellery designs and it looks like it may take a day or two to get things organized and sorted. I’m afraid my attention span is waning, so hopefully this will make the old brain cells come alive and re-acquaint myself with the technicalities of reorganizing a blog, which I’ve not done in quite some time.

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