… But The Rabbits Danced On

It’s with some sadness and sorrow I announce the dissipation of all things chipmunk. One remaining little bugger is hiding out in our neighbours’ property, but we’re willing to let him go. After all, he’s not original to the property and we feel it’s only right that our neighbour relocate him, if he so chooses!

All things finally came to an end when we allowed the two bird feeders to go empty. The neighbours’ chipmunk stopped dropping by, the black birds have flown the coup, the three yellow finch have flown to places unknown and the cardinal is waiting in the wings for the winter feed to be brought back. On the other hand, the rabbits continue to prance and dance about the back yard as if they’ve reclaimed it for themselves. As with all things in nature, rabbits breed like mice and chipmunks. At best we’ve got at least 3 hanging around – Mom, Dad and Bunny. We’re certain that there may be one or two more somewhere out there, but as each rabbit is not tagged, we’re unable to identify who is who – well, except for the bunny.

Nat’s now noticed a huge hole just behind the boarding of our back deck. This hole can only be explained away by a rabbit. We’ve discounted chipmunks (the hole is too big), racoons (too small) or even possums (haven’t seen one in eons). We think Mommy Rabbit is boring her home for the winter, but not too sure on this front. Nat’s decided to place a huge rock over the hole, but knowing Mother Nature, she has her ways of helping out her citizens and I’m sure there’ll be another hole turn up somewhere. The loveable and adorable little creatures have also been munching away on our front garden greenery, the back garden greenery and anything else they find in-between them and the back stream.

Nat’s not too sure what to do at this point but we’ll keep an eye out and see how the rest of the year unfolds. For now, however, we have some peace of mind knowing that chipmunks aren’t munching away at the floor in the shed, digging numerous holes around the house and lawn and keeping the birdseed for the birds.

As for the rest of the week – the new kitchen table arrived from Wayfair in the U.S. It’s taken me such a long, long time to find this particular table and I’m more than pleased. Once the delivery man put the table in the kitchen, Nat and I only had to attach the four legs. So much easier than Ikea furniture! The country-cottage style table is white with Butcher Block top and looks fabulous. We’re going to paint the chairs we have in white and I can get some yellow gingham fabric for the cushioned seats. I’m now making notes of the renovations for our Kitchen when the time comes. I’m even surprising myself and am finding that there won’t be as much to do as Nat thinks there will be!! Keeping down costs is always a good way to keep in dear hubby’s favour!!

Our oldest granddaughter will be leaving for Mexico this next week. Naturally we’ll all be worried about her, but I know she’s in for a great adventure and should have a great time – as long as she’s careful!! When she returns she’ll be leaving in September for Georgian College (Orillia campus). She’s wanted to be a Vet’s assistant for the longest time and found the course she wanted up North. We’ve all asked her why not become an actual Veterinarian. She’s replied by telling us that she gets to do so much more as an assistant. Makes sense to me!! Before leaving she’s hosting a big family bon voyage party in August and I’m sure tears will flow as the whole family gets to watch as the oldest child/grandchild is now about to fly the coup.


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