The End of the Chipmunk Saga

Continuing on with our little chipmunk invasion, on the 16th of July we caught what we hoped was the last chipmunk – #14. Nat took his usual drive down the road after our supper and we settled in for the evening.

Naturally, things don’t always go the way we hope. The following early morning Nat noticed No. 15 hanging about the bird feeder. At one point he actually entered into the cage to take a nip of peanut butter, but alas didn’t trip the door! Cheeky beggar!! This one was, however, only coming around the yard on a periodic basis – early morning and late evenings. We had supposed he was coming from the neighbour’s house which has a small tract of trees acting as a fence between his  yard and ours’. We both decided to just wait and see what develops.

We left the trap up for a few more hours and much to our chagrin, a bloody squirrel had gotten caught in the damn thing and couldn’t do anything but squirm. He had managed to at least turn himself around to face the cage door so when Nat went out to open the door the stupid thing took off like a rocket towards the stream. You’d think they learn, wouldn’t you??? But NOOOO, another one happened to find himself in the same dilemma a couple days later. Not a brain to be had in any of them!!! The same scenario, Nat had to wait for a second for the bloody thing to calm down before he could open the door to take off along the same path his buddy had taken.

With Chipmunks No. 15 and 16 not being spotted very often, we decided to put the cage back into the garage and we would keep an eye on the backyard for a day or two. Nat had also decided not to refill the bird feeders leaving the black birds and other bottom feeders to fend for themselves elsewhere. We were only attracting a couple of Yellow Finch and felt that it was more to our advantage to get rid of the larger birds, squirrels and chipmunks, at least for this season. So far it’s worked like a charm. The bird feeders are empty and the birds, squirrels and chipmunks have taken off down the road for parts unknown. Bon Voyage, I say!!!

On a much happier note, and more to my liking, we ordered a new kitchen table from a company in the U.S.  I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that I would like a little cottage-country style table with butcher block top and white legs. Having searched high and low on every web site I could Google I was taken aback when I finally came across one through the Wayfair  web site. Nothing in Canada had shown up whenever I searched, but I happened across the Canada Post Shopping site, which gives you companies, in Canada and ones from the U.S. that ship to Canada, that carry products you’re looking for. I was excited and once I checked out the table, even more so. It was exactly what I had imagined. I checked it out with dear hubby and he liked it too. Even more ecstatic, as hubby and I don’t always agree!! I was even more surprised that he was willing to replace that old Ikea drop-leaf table we’ve had for over 15 years. He agreed this newer table would go great in our kitchen and even more so once we get it renovated. The deed was done, the table was ordered and it arrived today as Nat was leaving for his golf game. It’s now leaning up against a wall and we’ll try and attach the legs tomorrow. “How hard can that be”, she says with a smirk on her face!!

I’ve since remembered that Nat has an errand in the morning and may be a couple of hours!! What are the odds that I’ll attempt to assemble the table while he’s gone??? If anyone knows me, like I know me, you’ll know that the table will be up and standing in the kitchen before the clock strikes 12:00.

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