Down By The Lazy River And Here We Go Again!!

From what we could tell, all was quiet on the chipmunk front. We assumed (wrongfully so!) that the twelve chipmunks we had caught were a few country blocks down the road frolicking along the Friendship Trail with all the other critters that lived in the same area. This was not to be the case as we discovered #13 and #14 hanging around the bird feeder when we returned home from our relaxing afternoon along the Niagara River….

Thursday afternoon we decided to pack a few things – iPods, cameras, drinks, etc. – find a quiet shady spot along the Niagara Parkway and sit by the river. We found a great spot  under the big maple tree, set up our lounge chairs and relaxed in absolute peace and quiet for a couple of hours. Despite the heat of the day, we were comfy sitting in the shade and enjoying the cool breezes blowing off the River. As we watched the odd cabin cruiser, speed boat and even a catamaran sail by, Nat listened and hummed along to his music on the iPod while I dozed in and out of consciousness. The visions of chipmunks dancing in our heads had soon disappeared. We wandered back home just before 3:00 to see what we could scrounge up for supper.

Within minutes that relaxed feeling and low blood pressure had suddenly blown up. Damn it!!  With two large sighs of despair, our shoulders fell down and our blood pressures rose! There sat #13 chomping away at the seeds just like all of his relatives – under the bird feeder. “I can’t deal with it now”, said Nat. “I’ll see about setting the trap tomorrow”. This little *#@*&% had just gained a few hours of munching!!

Friday morning soon arrived and after keeping an eye on the bird feeder, it wasn’t long before we spotted #13 again, close to noon hour. Once the trap was set, it only took about 15 minutes for the little guy to smell the aroma of peanut butter and he was soon heading down the road to join the other twelve. Please, God, let this be the last!! But NOOOOOO – it wasn’t long after supper that No. 14 was spotted. As of yet, we’ve not dealt with him and so he gets a reprieve for another day. Nat said he’ll see what happens after his golf tournament on Saturday.

Saturday has arrived. In the wee early hours of the morning Nat was up and out the door to his golf tournament, while I continued nestled in bed. The course was about an hour away and he wanted to arrive in enough time to get his gear ready and meet the rest of the foursome. Me, myself and I awoke around 8:00 pm (a little early for me!). With that extra half hour I was able to start the laundry and set up my pills for the following week, damp mop the kitchen floor and then have time to myself for whatever I could find. Now being paranoid I continue to check the bird feeder watching for signs of the 14th chipmunk, which so far has not been spotted. I know he’s lurking out there somewhere, waiting to taunt us, waiting to see how long he can forego the inevitable. Little does he know that we’re out there, too!! Waiting, watching and in a moments notice, ready with the peanut butter!!!

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