Okay, This Has Now Got To Stop!!

Seriously!! These chipmunks have taken hold of our little piece of land. Just after the relocation of #11 on Monday afternoon, all things remained calm for several hours. Then, sure enough, somewhere out of thin air (or from the neighbourhood), the twelfth chipmunk appears under the bird feeder around suppertime. Nat and I have both learned about the feeding habits of rabbits, bird and chipmunks – they all like to come out early morning (breakfast), then around noon (lunch) and just in time for supper around 4:00 to 5:00. The odd time you may see a couple of rabbits and birds in early evenings, too. It was of no surprise that #12 appeared just after supper. I was so hoping that I was just seeing these little #$*^&@* as a mirage. I’ve seen so many chipmunks it feels like I’m seeing them wherever I go. But, no, this one was real. Dear hubby confirmed it as he uttered a huge sigh of frustration! “I’ll get rid of it now before the sun sets“, he says. “Then I’ll leave the trap unset for a day and see what happens”.

That “day” came the very next morning. So, what a surprise!!!! I returned from my hair appointment and Nat was outside power washing the house (another problem – spider webs and other “stuff” which have taken over the outdoor lights and garage door!). As I entered the house into the cool air I took a look out the dining room window (where we can see the bird feeders) and low and behold, there was #13 munching away around the feeder and picking up what the little birds didn’t want. As I approached Nat in the garage I said, “Now, don’t get upset, but guess what?” “I’m not really surprised”, he replied. At the time, however, he had other matters to attend to – he had broken the hose on the power washer and was now in the process of cleaning up. He’d have to wander down to Canadian Tire to see if he could get a replacement. Man, this just isn’t his week.

The only admission I have to make is, that this 13th chipmunk took his time appearing in the back yard. I’m also thinking he’s from around the neighbourhood and hasn’t been hibernating under the shed with the rest of his pals. The other thing is, that he’s taken several hours to show up and we can only hope that the local population is now getting sparse and we are on the downside of this very frustrating hill.

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