And Then There Were 11 …

To continue our chipmunk saga, it goes without saying that just when we thought we were done – #11 appeared around the bird seeder just after our supper on Sunday. Nat set the trap again this morning and we were getting hopeful – as of noon hour the trap was still empty. As the afternoon began, we sat on the back patio enjoying the cool breeze whenever it came around and suddenly Nat noticed a stirring by the bridge over the stream. Sure enough, another chipmunk appeared and we’re thinking it’s the one from last night. We sat and watched as he quietly walked along the edge of the garden, along the front door of the shed and then turned to his left and stopped. He walked about the cage for a second, almost popped his head in, but then turned and began to explore. We could see that he was checking out the peanut butter and can only guess that it smelled so good, he had to pursue the matter. As he slowly walked towards this wonderful aroma, BANG, SLAM went the cage door. We had ’em!! “Well”, says Nat, “I guess I’m going out again!!!”

Could have swore this was the only one!!

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