Catching Up Is Hard To Do

Alas, my little blog has been suffering of late. The lazy days of summer have certainly been that. Nat and I have been struggling to find things to keep us interested, especially during some of these hot days we’ve been experiencing along with the high humidity. As soon as I step out the door it feels like my head is about to blow a gasket. My wrinkled skin starts to turn red, my hair begins to drip with beads of sweat and my blood pressure begins to soar upwards.

Staying indoors, despite the central air swirling around in each room, has also been frustrating. As soon as I pick up any sort of cleaning device those same feelings return as if I’d stepped outside again. In order to accomplish anything indoors I take my time, do things in small stages and now have a routine I can deal with.

We’ve been successful, however, several times since May to get out and about and enjoy family events, get some items on our “To Do List” accomplished and even today, managed to sit out on the back deck, do crosswords and have a snooze before the Euro Cup match started.

One of the items on our “To Do List” was to get that bloody cell phone from Britain unlocked. Little “Miss Know-it-All” was convinced she could do it and after an enormous amount of determination finally had a break-through. After even more research we finally called the 3 Network in Britain, gave them our long explanation of events, every detail they required, including proof of purchase, agreed to the £15.00 fee and were told we could get the code. I couldn’t believe my ears!! After almost 8 months we had lift-off. The “BUT” in this whole process was that we had to have a U.K. address. Apparently this was not an “international” phone. This whole affair had come to a sudden stop.

Nat and I discussed our options and decided to send the phone to his nephew in Great Britain hoping that he’d be able to get it unlocked and pass it on to someone in his family that could use it. Thus it was packed up and sent off across the pond. We then ordered an unlocked phone from and we”re good to go. Nat’s new little phone has since arrived, we found a carrier that can offer a top-up deal to our satisfaction and this whole affair is now over. (Well, except for Michael, of course.) Nat has his own phone and I’ve taken possession of the old one. Thus I’m not always forgetting to take the phone whenever I go out on my own. I’ll always have one on me at all times.

Another one of our adventures was a visit to sister, Gail. Her and her daughter had returned from a trip to Britain and France and everyone was invited over for a photo-fest, along with dessert goodies. Why would anyone want to resist that – free chocolate and other goodies while watching a slideshow. As it was also the week of Zach’s 13th birthday, we took along our gift and wished him a happy birthday. We’ve not seen Zach and his sister for some time and couldn’t get over how tall he’s getting. Time is certainly flying the two of us by!!

Speaking of time, it was also our granddaughter, Karly’s 19th birthday on the 24th. We arrived at her father’s place and were quickly introduced to a new family member – her cute little dog, Murphy, that she had adopted from doggie foster care. Murphy was adorable but still in the shy stages of his development and introduction into freedom and hung about Karly like a newborn. We all know Karly is going to make the best owner, as her love of all animals has been evident since she was a youngster. The birthday party was nice and again, wonderful seeing family from Nat’s side that we’ve not seen in quite some time.

With the passage of even more time, we attended Felicia’s Grade 12 graduation in a huge Community Church that was filled to the rafters with grads, parents, family and friends. Close to 300 grad students made the ceremony long, but somehow the Administrators and Teachers kept the whole event going at a good pace and no gaps in-between. We were lucky the event was held in the evening so the cooler night air was more than welcome. After the requisite photos, Felicia and her friends were off to party, leaving us old folks to fend for ourselves and wander home to our beds. Another good time and another shocker watching as another granddaughter was all grown up and soon to be off making her own adventures.

As for that Euro Cup match, which is now over, Nat and I were a little disappointed. Not as exciting a game as we had anticipated. For some reason Italy was left in the dust with a 4-0 win for Spain. At least we can look forward to the World Cup in two years, which should be exciting. We can only hope!

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