Wasted Days And Wasted Nights!

For some reason Nat and I have fallen into a slump. A slump that has befallen us these past few weeks and we can’t seem to dig ourselves out. We had excuses some days because of the rainy, drizzly weather. Then those glorious days arrived in March and we took advantage of them by using our newly built (1 year ago) deck – having barbecues, reading and doing crosswords under the umbrella. Ahh, the good life.

We had a little excitement in April when we contacted our contractor to quote us a price for new windows. At least we had someone to talk to once in awhile. The poor guy must have felt he was being held captive – we kept him talking so long he must have been late back to the job or late for home and supper. We also had a couple of visits from our lawn guy, but he only stops long enough to do the job, collect his cheque and take off. Do you think he’s heard something in the wind?? We’ve had the odd chore to do now and again – groceries, buying the odd thing for the house, mowing the lawn, housecleaning, etc. We’re now actually feeling like the seniors we’re suppose to be. We’re early for all appointments. We get out of bed, do our usual morning routine of sitting in the living room, talking and waiting for lunch; have an early lunch, go on any errands in the afternoon and then return home for an early supper. A few years back we realized (much to our chagrin) that we could only handle one appointment a day – whether it’s doctor, dentist, hair salon, golfing, etc. Sad, but true, we’re now one of them. We’ll even slow down on purpose just for those impatient kids driving behind us that can’t pass right away.

Our biggest excitement this past week was the regional power outage for the Fort Erie and surrounding area. We were notified all power would be out Sunday morning – 2:00 AM to 10:00 AM. With that expensive box called a “generator” sitting outside the house, we knew we’d be okay and that the furnace/air-conditioner, water heater, stove, fridge, freezer, etc. would continue to hum along. We shut down the necessities before going to bed and by 2:00 AM we both heard the generator start up. Being right outside of our bedroom wall, we could hear the humming all night long. We both managed to get a few winks of sleep and once we were up Sunday morning the humming continued, only we were now in the living room and the noise was more distant and not as annoying. I sat and waited quietly for 10:00 AM and the power to come back on. I would have to watch my favourite show Sunday Morning on the Seattle channel, and counted my blessings that I wouldn’t miss it. The advantage of having time sharing on the cable. By the time 10:00 AM came around the generator continued to hum. Once the power comes back on, there’s a 20 second transition time when the generator powers down, but it wasn’t happening. I’m now loosing faith in our local hydro guys. They said 10:00 AM – where were they?? Finally the power was back on but 20 – 30 minutes late. At least I’d be able to catch the last of my show and powered up the TV so fast, it wasn’t funny. Suddenly, the TV powered down as fast as it came back up. The power was back on, but the cable for some reason was having difficulty getting back up. We had no internet, no telephone and no TV. Egads! I’m now having withdrawal. At least give me the internet so I can bide my time!!

We waited and waited. The cable wasn’t fully up and running until closer to noon. By now we resigned ourselves to the fact that this Sunday morning was a bust. Que sera sera! Nothing I could do but get on with the rest of my day – not that there was anything, but I could get on with it!! We chalked the whole affair up to one more piece of excitement in our lives.

It’s been well over a week now. Nat and I have literally done nothing – nothing at all. We’ve become terribly lazy, comfortable in our lazy-boy chairs and have a hard time thinking of what we can do next. Nat says he has things to do around the yard, I could clean out a few closets or get back to the tapes, etc. but what the hell. Nat, however, has a really good excuse right now – he’s caught a dozer of a cold. Even had him down to the Medical Clinic this morning – poor man!!

I suppose some of this idleness is doing me good. I’m now back into finally converting our tape cassettes and photographs. I’ve done some for others so why not for ourselves?? Another advantage to all of this – we’re not spending the money and at least keeping those coppers in the jar waiting for the new windows to be paid for. Somehow I’m thinking that windows just don’t do the same thing for a gal than a good shopping trip for clothes!!

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