Picking Up Where I Left Off

It’s been quite some time since I finished converting cassette tapes for Gail and Rose. Once they were done I had every intention of starting our own collection, consisting of just over 100 tapes between Nat and myself. However, I got a bit distracted and never did get ours’ done.

With Christmas, the New Year, a couple of birthdays, Easter and then digitizing Thamazine’s photos, I got a little side-tracked, but have every intention of digging back into the conversion only because there are no other excuses I can use. I have the word out that I’m looking for things to do, but so far no one has come forward. I know they’re busy with their own lives, have little time to find something for me d0 and being the impatient person that I am, I have to now step up to the plate and find something on my own.

Now that Wednesday afternoons and Nat’s golf games are upon me, I looked around the office and could see those cassette tapes sitting high atop the bookshelf gathering dust from the day I put them there. I have no idea why I’m stalling on this project. Well, actually I do. I have to pull down the container of tapes, set up the little folding table and get out the cassette player just to get started. Then I have to refresh myself with Garage Band and then finally get going. Lazy is the word I’m thinking of immediately and because the office is looking so much clearer of clutter I had sitting around from previous projects, I hesitate in cluttering the place up again. It goes without saying, however, that the sooner I get the tapes converted, the sooner I get put them back downstairs from whence they came. I’d then be able to add the newly converted CDs to our music collection and give Nat much more choice for when he drives down the road to his golf game. Not liking afternoon radio, he always grabs a CD from the collection before leaving on Wednesdays.

I’ll set up today and get started next Wednesday.

We’ve now ordered the new windows for the house. After receiving the quote and realizing we’d forgotten the bathroom window, our contractor was back to re-measure all of the windows and measure the bathroom one. He’ll recalculate everything and get back to us. He’s a busy man this year and is now booking into November, but said he could probably get to us by August, which is fine by us. We’ll have a couple of months to find a few extra bucks to stick in our back pockets for when the final bill arrives. We were at first only going to do the transom window in the living room (which was breaking our budget as it was), but then thought about it and decided to do the whole house. Knowing Nat and myself, we’ll never get back to completing the rest of the house unless we do it all together. There’s always something that gets in the way and we might as well break the whole budget at the same time. We’ll know it’s done and over with and will be able to rest emotionally in peace.

 Nat’s next project (hopefully 2013!) is going to be the sidewalk and landscaping in front of the house, the sagging stones at the corner of the garage where water pools like Niagara Falls during a good rain, and perhaps the sagging driveway at the base of the garage. So much to do, so little money to do it with and so much discussion in which comes first!!

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