Putting “Shrimp On The Barbie” In March!

Nat had his second golf lesson on Tuesday of this week. This time it was the wedge. Nat was taken aback a bit as he’s been pretty good with the ‘ole wedge, but was soon told that his arms weren’t far enough out and that his stance was a little off. Naturally, now that he’s been given these shortfalls, he’s been trying the new way but to no avail. It’s hard for any man whose been golfing for years and years to change his ways, but Nat’s determined and I’m sure he’ll get there somehow or other.

With one trip into St. Catharines on Tuesday we headed that way again on Wednesday – to pick up the new Broil King BBQ. Fully assembled when we arrived we stuck that gorgeous piece of equipment into the van, drove down the road and grabbed a bit of lunch at one of those “Gateway Centres” and headed home. With the weather being absolutely gorgeous these past several days, Nat was on that back deck as soon as we arrived home. He had to put the lid on, slip in the grills and put on the new cover. Before I could even ask, Nat said “Let’s do the chops on the new BBQ”. Fine by me – always tastes better! We even added the potatoes to make things easier in the kitchen. No clean-up afterwards, we were pleased with the results and supper was delicious. It was only March 14 and we were barbecuing!!

While Nat was putting the finishing touches on the BBQ, I had managed to sneak in some more time to continue on with scanning Tam’s photos. Really pleased with how quick things have been going and I’m giving credit to my Christmas present of a new wireless Epson WorkForce – printer, copier and scanner. More efficient and definitely more options for scanning than our old printer.

Thursday morning I was awoken at 5:45 AM to a beeping sound emanating from the office. My suspicions were right – the surge protector for our computer, back-up hard drive and Airport Express was blinking its red light as if the battery within was going dead. Not worth waking Nat up for, I closed the office door and headed back to bed. A little too early for even the birds, if you asked me!! Once the sun rose in the sky and my eyes were fully opened, I told Nat what the problem was and after quite a bit of investigation we determined that the battery within the surge protector box was shot. We were a bit surprised, as the power hasn’t been off long enough since we’ve had this box for the battery to get worn down, plus the generator kicks in whenever the power is off. We also remembered that we had had this surge protector box for almost 6 years and had to admit that any battery would eventually go dead after that long a time! We did a little bit of research and soon discovered that replacing the  battery would cost half the price of a whole new surge protector box. After lunch we drove down to Staples and looked at other kinds of surge protectors. As we now have the generator, the larger surge protector box wasn’t required so we decided to down-grade with a less expensive one. We were successful and, once home everything was hooked up again and we were back in business. As bad as it sounds, I had missed being not being on the computer for those few hours – couldn’t get emails, couldn’t get iTunes, etc. I felt cut-off!! At least the new surge protector doesn’t have any “back-up battery” to contend with and has a lifetime  guarantee, so I think we’re good to go now!!

The arrival of Friday brought with it a little fog which eventually turned into a gorgeous “Spring” day. While I did my usual cleaning, Nat dusted off the back deck, brought out the patio furniture and did some re-organizing in his Shed to make room for eventual storage of the new snow plow (which he’s only used twice this winter!). The day was so nice we sat out for quite a few minutes and enjoyed the fresh air. Today turned out to be even better than Friday and we sat out even longer while discussing any possible plans for this summer. We both agreed to enjoy this unusual March weather while we’ve got it, as we’re both sure we may be surprised come “April Showers” – or dare I say “April Snow”??

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