Marching In Like A Lion, With A Bad Hair Day!

The month of March started off on a rocky note. I completely forgot about my hair appointment on the 3rd – slept in, rode the recumbent bike, did a little more sorting of Tam’s photos, and then settled back for a few minutes thinking about lunch! Around 11:10 AM, Nat says to me, “Didn’t you have a hair appointment?”. I immediately ran to the phone and left Jennifer a message, that I was sorry and to give me a call to rebook.

Friday morning we drove into Niagara-on-the-Lake to pick up the new rocker-recliner. I was now excited, my new chair was finally in and I could now watch TV with my feet up. After arriving home we unpacked the new chair and then gave The Salvation Army a call to see if they would accept the old chair. In order to save them the trouble, Nat and I drove the old chair down to their store in Fort Erie and they were glad to accept it.

I had rebooked my hair appointment for Saturday and after returning home I was right into my usual chores of laundry and house cleaning. Nat got what a little groceries we needed and we were good to go for the rest of the day. I continued on with sorting and organizing photos in the afternoon and am now in a good position to start scanning, which will take some time.

The high winds came blowing through our little village Thursday night and continued on through Friday and Saturday. Arriving at the hair dresser’s it felt like what little hair I had left was about to blow off the old noggin, as I stepped out of the van. The winds were high enough to knock out our power on a periodic basis, and then for a good hour during lunch time. Another one of those days where our investment in the generator has paid off.

Sunday afternoon, being relatively quiet with Nat and I not going anywhere or doing anything else, I asked if he would set up the VHS/DVD  Player/Record in the bedroom. I’d then be able to convert Zach’s VHS tape of “Keep Your Head Up, Kid”, a movie about Don Cherry and his hockey career that he enjoys, and being a big hockey fan. As luck would have it the CBC was running a Part 2 that night and I’d then be set up to just record that movie directly onto the DVD. Thinking this would be a simple hook-up and forgetting about the converter box, it stood to reason that Nat soon ran into trouble. We were all hooked up, but no picture! Once I got involved, the blood pressures rose and the “discussions” began. We read and re-read the instruction book and after a couple of hours finally got it right. We had to go through the converter box and also hook up the DVD player to the cable and TV. After I had finished converting all of our VHS tapes we unplugged the whole player and stored it away until now. With memories fading quickly, we both found it hard to refocus and get the damn thing hooked up again. I really don’t know what it is about the two of us, but when it comes to hooking up electronics we really do think differently but somehow it finally clicks and we become of one mind!! Go figure!!

The conversion was successful as was the taping of the new movie and for that I’m thankful. The last thing I want to do is disappoint a great kid who loves hockey!! With television being so bad on Monday night (the 5th), Nat and I ended up watching the DVD I had taped for Zach of the first part of the “Wrath of Grapes” (the continuing story about Don Cherry’s career in hockey) and we both really enjoyed it. I’ll get the second half taped this Sunday and maybe we’ll watch it before handing it over to Zach, if he doesn’t mind.

Today (Tuesday the 6th) Nat had his first golf lesson at Golf Town (a Christmas gift from the “Wee Wifey”) and he was taken aback at what the Golf Pro found out about his putting, which he always thought was pretty good. He was especially pleased that these lessons will be taped and sent to him via email and he’ll be able to glance over them any time he feels the need. The first lesson on putting came through today and already Nat’s checked it out!! I, too, am glad these lessons are being taped – at least now we’re getting something more for the good money we paid. A great idea and too bad all lessons aren’t done this way!! Nat’s now very anxious to get his golf games going and has already set up a small putting area in the basement to keep the lessons fresh in his mind and, as we all know, it pays to practice!!

With Nat at his lessons, I truly thought I would dig into scanning those photos, but somehow got distracted. I’ve been determined to figure out how to put a couple of downloaded (and purchased) television shows onto DVD. With the help of MacWorld and a little dogged determination, I discovered at least one way and was ever so pleased to finally get that project done. Naturally it took most of my time alone and after picking up the mail, balancing the chequing account and getting my lunch, Nat was home. I’ll begin again tomorrow??

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