The Roar of the Lion

Feeling I had delayed things long enough, I finally decided to upgrade the iMac to the Apple’s new operating system, Lion. I had debated whether to buy the USB Key in order to save me time doing a bootable disc, or to actually just download it from the App Store. Being the cheaper of the two, I opted for the download. I had my MacWorld magazines nearby that gave me details on what to do and when, and everything went okay, at least from my perspective. I have to admit, however, that I didn’t expect to see the end result that I did. My dock was now including a couple of new things but a lot of older things from Snow Leopard. From what I had been reading Lion was to have a completely new look and feel. I decided not to trust the old memory, as it’s failed me before, and proceeded to do the upgrades and updates to those programs and apps that required them (Tab Expose’, 1Password, etc.) and was surprised how smooth everything went. The one thing I was really glad I did was to buy the new Quicken Essentials. It’s been one upgrade I really like, and had to do in order to continue on using Quicken for our finances. Apparently the Canadian Quicken site doesn’t have the Essentials yet, so I took the chance and ordered the American disc – and I’m glad I did. It’s been a nice upgrade so far.

Things went from good to bad within a matter of days. I started having little drop offs with the internet and Mail, along with other little bugaboos that were just annoying. I ended up resolving most of my problems by doing research on the Mac Forums . I was back and forth so often, I was beginning to feel “like one of the fellas” and it was amazing how many people were having the same little glitches that I was. The most annoying problem, however, was the internet dropping off every once in awhile. I had to run through Diagnostics every time the drop off happened and bingo the damn thing was up and running again. I went through all of the usual procedures – disconnecting the internet modem, disconnecting Airport Express, and reconnecting them again. Everything ran fine for an hour or so and then it would all drop off again. I ended up calling our internet service provider and making a long story short – the day he arrived was the day the whole damn thing decided to work just fine!!! Once our tech guy ran through diagnostic from his end and once resetting the modem, we were told everything was fine from their end. Naturally!! If there’s a glitch in our Mac, I’ll be annoyed – especially after all the care and attention I’ve given this gorgeous new machine!! But these things happen, and God knows it could have happened while I was upgrading to Lion, while I was making the bootable disc or even while I reloaded the damn O/S out of frustration. I’ve even repaired permissions more times than I care to count. We won’t shake the tree and be ever so thankful that everything is back to normal again.

Nat and I also went and bought the new Printer I had asked for. Found a really nice Epson WorkForce all-in-one on sale at Staples and am really loving it. Also, being wireless helps, as we don’t have yet another cord running in, around, up and down and adding to the other jungle of cords we’ve accumulated with each piece of technology we buy!!

Getting away from technology – Nat took the van for it’s yearly emissions test. When 2012 arrives it will be that time of year where everything comes due at once – stickers for licence plates, car insurance, house insurance, income taxes and so on, along with a couple of birthdays close together. We just get over Christmas and bang, we’re hit in the head with reality in January – nothing like fun times, right!!

Speaking of Christmas, and as I’ve been so bored of late, I decided to offer my services of gift wrapping to Thamazine who has two young children, a job, a husband and a house to take care of. As luck would have it she also damaged her elbow in a fall so it worked out well that I was free and ready to help. I, myself, won’t have any parcels to wrap for ourselves or grandkids and, as I love to wrap, I put it out there that I was available. I’m having a great time wrapping her Christmas parcels and it’s been kind of fun seeing who is getting what. With all of the excitement at Christmas dinner I don’t always get to see everything my niece and nephew received. Naturally, Michele got wind of what I was doing and jumped on board to have her parcels wrapped, too. She’s another sister I get a kick out of seeing what she gives, as she’s got a pretty good eye for things and have to admit that a couple of items she’s picked this year are really, really nice!!!! Good taste, kiddo!!!!

I’ve delivered the first load of parcels back to Thamazine and have now finished off the second load. From what I can tell she’s done quite a good job of getting her shopping done early and by the looks of things her kids and hubby are going to be pretty happy campers!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours’.

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