Yes, We’re Still Here

Neither one of us can believe how idle we’ve become these past few weeks. The odd day or so we’ll drive down the road on a couple of errands. It’s usually WalMart for some doodad (much to my chagrin) or Canadian Tire or for groceries. The other odd days I’ve been doing Christmas baking, and I’m really on a roll in this department. As my hip hasn’t been bothering me since our return from Britain, I’m taking advantage of how good I’m feeling and heading down the road like a steam-roller.

For excitement, Nat and I have been watching the PVC guys come by now and again to do their markings for utilities, etc. all along Dominion Road. Apparently we’ll be getting house number poles for the emergency response people. These poles will be lined up in the front of each home that have the individual house numbers on them. Nat and I have seen them mostly in rural areas where it’s completely impossible to read house numbers in the dark. This way the emergency response folks can find any particular house without any hassles, as the numbers are on blue background and are visible at night. It’s a good thing and no complaints from our perspective – except for one more thing Nat has to mow around in the summer!

For excitement I’ve also decided to rework some of our pictures in the bedroom, dining room and office. Every now and again I have this need to re-organize something, and this time it’s pictures. Nat and I were very pleased with some of the photos we took on our trip to Britain, so we had some enlarged and framed and I’ve been hanging them up in groupings. The dining room is now done and I’m now trying to figure out the bedroom. Being the impatient one that I am, I managed to take some of the paint away on one bedroom wall while taking down the old pictures I wanted to replace. As careful as I think I’m being, I never manage to do a good job, but Nat’s assures me we can fix the two little patches and we’ll be good to go. Naturally, the new picture arrangement I want to hang won’t cover those two little spots. Figures!!

The Christmas cards are also done, thanks to a pair of idle hands. It’s nice to get them done early, especially the international ones. As we won’t really be celebrating Christmas ourselves, we won’t be putting up a tree. We did plan, however, to at least decorate the fireplace mantel and a table or two. At least now we’ll look as if we’re in the Christmas spirit. In the past few years Nat and I have bought one larger item and have called that our Christmas gift to each other. It’s usually something for the house that we can both use – one year it was a big screen TV (which has since been replaced due to a blown tube) and last year it was the Apple TV which we both enjoy watching movies via the internet and iTunes. This year Nat’s found a golf club he likes and is now asking what I’d like to get. To be honest I have no “blinking” idea. I’ve searched the cobwebs of my brain, rattled and browsed a few weekend flyers and even spent a couple hours on, but to no avail. I know I want lots of things, like more clothes, shoes, handbags, the latest and greatest Apple product, etc. but let’s face it – when in hell am I going to wear or use it all!!

In an effort to solve our Christmas gift problems we wandered into St. Catharines this afternoon. Nat decided to hit Golf Town and see if he could tryout that new driver he’s been looking at. His success was kind of a failure, as he had bad luck getting distance from this new club. With some disappointment showing in his face, and after talking to the sales person, we left the store empty-handed. He’s now leaning towards maybe getting some refresher lessons and maybe work out a few kinks and bad habits he’s developed over the past couple of years. We then headed over to Best Buy to look at printers. Another disappointment, I’m afraid, as this big box store didn’t sell what I was looking for – the Epson series which I really love. So we picked up a Christmas gift for someone on our list and headed for home. On the way, we stopped in at Future Shop and as it happens found what I was looking for, only a newer model. Not knowing whether I’ll use the little extra doodads on this newer model, we again walked out of the store empty-handed. I’ll do some research online and see what I can come up with – if I do end up actually deciding on a new printer. It’s starting to look like another bit of a disappointing Christmas. Much like last year, things aren’t going exactly the way I wish they would, but then I’m getting older now and have to face a personal and financial reality. I suppose I can always ask Nat to just give me a few dozen chocolates from Nigh’s and I can drown my sorrows in wonderful dark chocolate with creamy centres!!

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