My Little Mint And Me

For excitement Nat and I have been … well – doing nothing. The most exciting day Nat had was unpacking his new snowblower, discovering the oil had drained out and into the box during delivery. He had a great time trying to clean it up, but finally managed to get everything in order. We also discovered the snowblower also came fully loaded with gas! Much to our surprise and amazement, we decided to send a little email to Sears Canada and let them know what happened and express our concerns about the gas. We’ve since had an acknowledgement to our email and will wait to see what happens. After paying a hefty $65.00 delivery charge, we at least wanted Sears to know we were not pleased about the delivery and clean-up.

For quite some time I’ve wanted to design our own Christmas Cards. I played around with the iPhoto program for a day or two and came up with something I thought would be nice. Once receiving my order, however, I was a little disappointed in the quality of the picture. Since I’ve ordered 24 cards, I guess I’m kind of stuck and will have to use them. I’ll try much better for next year if I decided to do it again.

The other excitement in our little house was my purchase of the new Mint Floor Cleaner. A new little device on the market that works along the same lines as the Roomba, only on floors. This little cute device has a cube containing a GPS system and sits atop a counter or other area and sends a signal to the base that sweeps across your floor while cleaning. Once finished it sings a little jingle to let you know. The beauty of this product is that I can either use the 3 cloths that came with the Mint (one for wet and two for dusting) or I can use the Swiffer Wet Refills that I presently use. Using the Mint, however, will allow me to be hands free and work on something else while this little device does its job. I took the time today to steam clean our kitchen floor and when it comes time for a touch-up I’ll use the Mint and see how it works. Not that I’m lazy, it’s just that when the old hip gets acting up, I’m in no mood to be mopping floors when they need it. At least that’s my excuse!!

Along with starting my Christmas baking, I’ve also been working on a project for my sister-in-law, Jenny, in Britain. I’m having fun doing it and am close to being finished. I hope she’ll be pleased with the results and that I do her request justice. I’m at least keeping out of trouble and doing something productive. As for the cookies, I’ve been taking my time, doing one batch every other day and should get quite a lot done before mid-December. Despite the fact that we’ve been home from Britain for over 3 weeks now, I continue to think of Jenny, Wendy and Terry and still miss their company. Maybe that’s why I’m taking my time with this little project for Jenny. I want to do it right because she deserves it.

On Friday afternoon we drove into St. Catharines to see our great friends, Cecil and Floris. We brought our DVD slideshows for them and had a great time watching and trying to remember exactly what it was that we saw in London!! The old memory takes a curve sometime and it takes some tugging to recall exactly what we did see. Despite our memory lapses, we still had a wonderful time and then enjoyed tea and biscuits around the dining table afterward. Always a nice day with the Bartletts!!

We had Susan, Felicia and Bridget over Sunday morning for a small lunch and to watch our slideshows of Britain. They seemed to enjoy the show and after munching on pizza and cookies we all sat around for a nice chat. We missed all of the kids while we were away, and haven’t seen them until Sunday, so it was really nice to get together. Laura and her two couldn’t join us because of prior commitments, but hopefully we’ll get together sometime before Christmas??

I’ll probably continue on this week with my baking and see if I can get Jenny’s project finished so I can order the first draft. With such a quiet month ahead of us, the postings might be few and far between, but you never know, Nat and I can always find something to get up to, when our mind and bodies get going!!

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