Oh God, More Laundry!

Our first day home. Bittersweet to some degree. We both missed being in Britain, seeing the sights and being with family. Reality has now set in, however, and we have to face facts. The unpacking and a bloody lot of laundry. Oh joy, oh bliss!

We had both managed to get some sleep last night inbetween me hacking my head off and both of us still feeling like we had wheels and an engine underneath us and were both on the move. I awoke this morning feeling a bit rested but still stuffed up and a little “iffy”. Despite my wonkiness, Nat and I managed to get  unpacked and it was one of those things where Nat would ask “Can I hang this up?” Looking at the item and not remembering whether it was worn or not my reply was “Just stick it in the wash.” With those famous last words, there’s now a pile of laundry that looks as if we’ve been gone for a year. I’ll have to take it day by day and in shifts.

With the cupboards bare our first chore was to go for groceries which turned out not to take us long. Both of us were not in the mood for such a task and we only went for the necessity items we needed. Also not wanting to make another decision we decided to buy a BBQ chicken for supper, together with a salad and one of my homemade loaves. Easy peasy and works for me!!

Sunday being my usual laundry day I then put two loads in and headed to the office to try and get through some of the paperwork we had acquired. Using the BMO Travel Card was simple and easy and prevented us from racking up credit on our cards and I’d have to check the balance on that account, along with the credit card we did use for one or two bigger purchases. There was also the photos we took and they would have to be transferred to the Mac and then backed-up. Again, I’ll do things in shifts starting with priority items and everything will soon be done. Nat spent a part of the afternoon walking around the yard and removing leaves from the eavestrough that were now pretty full.

Being away for 30 days there were also updates for the iPad and Mac and once completing those tasks, I kept Nat company in the living room doing his crossword puzzles. The rest of the afternoon was pretty much spent relaxing and getting our brains back on Daylight Standard Time. I’ll get back to the rest during the week and hopefully I’ll be done the laundry by this time next week!!

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