And So We Say Good-Bye

October 21

Thursday afternoon, after my “final” postings from Michael and Susan’s, we enjoyed a nice visit with Alan’s mom, Marian, along with Sharon, Adele, Vicki and wee Michael. A lovely petite woman with charm and grace and it was ever no nice to finally meet her.

That evening we had also been invited to Robert and Julie’s for a beautiful steak supper. Robert showed off his cooking skills while we all sat around the dining table watching the “Master Chef” at work. Their son, Robert and his friend, soon joined us, where we enjoyed a nicely cooked steak, salad, coleslaw, chips and veg. The evening was capped off enjoying a cup of tea while Julie related her escapades with their somewhat “different” neighbour. Another nice evening with loads of laughs.

This morning it was the same old story, another night of coughing. This time neither Nat nor I got much sleep at all. With me hacking my head off I had to keep my head propped up, but to no avail. Try as I might to stop, I continued with the coughing periodically throughout the night while Nat tried to catch as many zzz’s as he could inbetween interruptions.

Plans had been made a few days back for Natalie to take us to South Beach for a fish and chip lunch and then an ice cream. Before noon, Michael had dropped by to wait for a buyer to come around with the final payment for a car and sign over the registration. The purchaser was running a little late, so Jenny (who also wasn’t feeling well) decided to stay behind.

With hubby (Nat) home working furiously, the three of us arrived at South Beach and Natalie showed us around where sunbathers and families of all ages could enjoy a day out on the shores of the North Sea, while renting colourful little bath houses and enjoying a meal and ice cream. The entire area was lovely even on a brisk windy day, such as the one were were having. We then enjoyed a wonderful fish and chip lunch in the restaurant that was now filled to the rafters. With good food come good folks who want to enjoy the same, and this restaurant was evidence of the good food. It was also really nice to have a one-on-one chat with Natalie, which we’ve never been able to do. She’s look wonderful and hasn’t changed a bit despite what she’s been through and we enjoyed the day immensely.

After our delicious meal, we then drove over to Seaton Delaval for an ice cream cone, before heading back to Natalie’s to meet “Mylo” (her dog) and check in on Nat before we left. With Mylo lying beside (my) Nat enjoying a good rub and rest and while avoiding the evil eyes of her owner’s hubby, we enjoyed a bit of small chit chat before saying our good-byes.

Back at Jenny’s we had a light tea of eggs, black pudding and sausage before the rest of the family dropped by for their good-byes. Yvonne and Terry, Sharon, Charmaine, Michael, Susan, Jason and Bradley, Julie, Robert and (young) Terry all dropped by at various times to say their good-byes. we’ll get picked up at 6:45 am in the morning by Nat, to be taken to Newcastle train station for our 7:33 trip to Manchester. Reality has now set in – we have to leave.

I’ve said this so many times during our holiday, how much we’ve enjoyed visiting family, from Wendy and Terry to Jenny and all of her children. Our trips to the South of England, Scotland and the Lake District have been memorable, as have the individual and group get-togethers with everyone. We thank you all for your generosity, kindness and open hearts. We’ll miss you all and am looking forward to pictures of those new babies then they arrive!

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