This Is Why We Don’t Want To Leave

October 18, 2011

Another night of coughing and keeping Nat up. Jenny, thankfully, didn’t hear a thing, even when I had to trot downstairs to get a drink in the middle of the night. Somehow I made it through.

This morning, as Jenny and Yvonne were going to the shops for their usual groceries and errands, Nat and I had decided to drive into Morpath to buy train tickets for Manchester Airport on Saturday. Finding a parking spot at this very small train station was a bit tricky. What spots were there were filled up with local commuters’ cars, so we took a chance and double parked behind (what we assumed was) a staff car. When the ticket agent said she could get us on the train for 57.00 Pds for the two of us, we were ecstatic and said “We’ll take it”.  With that, we were away back home before anyone noticed we had parked illegally.

As we were going out with the family tonight, we decided to have our main meal at lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon with more chit chat and helping Jenny with one of her jigsaw puzzles.

Jenny’s children were adamant that we have a get-together and the party was arranged for 6:00 pm tonight at a local pub with a “private” room large enough for everyone. From children to grandchildren to great-grandchildren, everyone showed up and most were carrying some sort of dish for the night. Robert made his famous curry dish, others brought in sausage rolls, crisps (potato chips) and dips, and other dishes I’m not familiar with but were enjoyed by all. Sharon even baked cupcakes and a special cake with our names on it which was really appreciated. The entire evening was filled with loads of laughter, watching as the little ones ran around and played, while the “lads” stood in a line along the bar discussing what I can only assume was sports.

Midway through the evening someone, somehow, managed to get each individual family organized to have their pictures taken with Jenny, Nat and I. We were so pleased as we could now take the pictures home to show Susan and Laura who would now be able to put faces to the names of family members they’ve not yet met.

The entire evening was so appreciated by Nat and myself, it’s hard to thank them all for their wonderful hosting skills, their generosity and their great sense of humor. We both had great laughs and couldn’t tell Jenny enough times what a great family she’s raised. We came to Britain with the intention of having a nice visit with my second cousin, Wendy and her hubby, Terry, and with Nat’s sister and her family and will be going home with so much more. As the title says, this is why we don’t want to go home.

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