The Sweetest Gesture

October 19, 2011

Yet another night of coughing, but again, I made it through without waking the neighbourhood. Jenny had planned to take Nat to their mother’s grave and visit her husband’s grave at the same time. We hung about the house for an hour or two, had a cup of tea and then headed into Blyth.

I had mentioned the night before how much I loved the two pair of pants I had purchased at Bon Marche in Glenrothes, and Jenny just happened to know there was a store in Blyth that we could visit. How nice, I thought. So we dropped by the little mall first where I was lucky in finding two more pair along with a navy and white striped top, all on sale. As usual, buying a new outfit perked me right up, even though I really didn’t need perking up. I was having a great time this whole trip despite the goof ups. As luck would also have it, there was a Gregg’s Bakery very close by, and while Nat walked down to an ATM, Jenny and I ran into the bakery and purchased some chocolate cupcakes for our tea tonight. God, I’m going to miss that bakery!!

Sister and brother then had a visit at their Mother’s gravesite, and afterward some time alone at Robert’s gravesite (Jenny’s husband). On our way home, Nat gassed up our little Renault rental for the morning when it had to be returned in Newcastle.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and continuing on with Jenny’s jigsaw puzzle. She’d gotten extremely frustrated with the first one she had started, tossed it back into the box while having a few laughs, and we began on another bigger one while Nat sat back and watched our shenanigans.

That evening as we were just finishing our tea – leftovers of chicken and more of Jenny’s fabulous homemade chips – Michael and his oldest son, Jason, dropped by. Jason was on his way to his football practice but wanted to drop by his Gran’s beforehand. As soon as he walked into the door he handed us a beautiful black box and said “This is for you”. We looked at him a little strange, both wondering what it was, and asked him what it was. “Open it”, he says while his Dad looked on with a smile. After lifting the lid of this heavy box, we were amazed at what was inside. A gorgeous piece of crystal with a little timepiece embedded at the top and an engraving underneath – “To Uncle Nat and Aunt Twila, Love Jason & Bradley xxx”. I could have cried. The gesture was so sweet, and despite the fact Jason’s at the age where I’m sure hugs and kisses are not “cool”, I told him to come here wherein I gave him a good hug and kiss with our thanks. We were told later that he had ordered our gift a week or so ago, and was a bit worried that it wouldn’t arrive in time. We were even more amazed at this young man and his brother’s thoughtfulness and kindness. Jenny has so much to be proud of!

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