We’ve Died And Gone To Heaven!

October 13, 2011

Another morning of coughs, weeziness and some sniffles. Only this time by all three of us. Jenny was feeling a little “off” last night, too, and decided to go to bed earlier than usual. Nat and I stayed up until 11:00 to watch a couple of shows as we weren’t quite tired.

We were all up at good time this morning and Nat and I were packed and ready for our trip to the Lake District in Cumbria. Michael stopped by for his morning coffee with his Mom and we were off and back on the road around 10:15 am. Michael was right. The directions down here were easy-peasy – only 3 roadways to watch for. For us it worked out well.

Once we arrived near Penrith we stopped for a bite to eat and to make sure we were headed in the right direction. For some weird reason we’ll start to doubt ourselves and you can only imagine from previous postings where it goes from there!! We found a “Little Chef”, a series of “fast-food-style” restaurants in England. I had heard of these eateries through a show I had seen on BBC Canada where Heston Blumenthal (a famous chef in England) tried to revamp and overall the entire outfit. Much to his chagrin the main Management didn’t always take his recommendations, but at least had cleaned up their places and made them more respectable. I knew they’d be relatively cheap and quick and it would give us time to sit and think about what we’d do for the rest of the day.

After lunch we headed down the long and winding roads to Windermere, a quaint English town that Terry and Wendy highly recommended. Along the way we couldn’t help but stop at little lay-bys where you could take pictures of the glorious green hillsides laden with mist and look down into the deep valleys where little homes and fields of sheep could be seen. At times it became quite scary as we drove so close to some of the rock walls that lined the narrow, winding roadways, it felt as if we were going to scratch the paint off of our rental car. We were awe struck, however, at the views as we drove up and down, in and around hills and valleys of green while winding in and around mazes of narrow roadways lined with rock walls. We didn’t know when to stop, there was so much to see, and we had only just begun.

We found our way into Windermere and Wendy and Terry were right. The village or town is wonderful with its quaint shops, cafes and pubs, B&Bs and gift shops. We felt as if we had stepped back in time. After we drove through the high street and checked things out, we turned around and headed back to the Rockside Inn where we would settle for a couple of nights. Our host is charming, our room is cute and comfy and feels like a homey bedroom with ensuite. We can look out our little window and see rock walls and a slate roof while peeping through the downspout between the rocky walls to see a portion of the town. Not much of a view but who cares. We’re only steps from the centre of the high street and can walk most everywhere.

We’re now sitting in a little cafe in the heart of Windermere having a couple of gorgeous homemade sandwiches – Nat with BLT on whole wheat and me Tuna on white. A good size but really fresh and along with a warm cup of tea, we’re happy. This little cafe also has free wi-fi and thus I’m able to at least get caught up on my postings.

Tonight we’ll head back to our room, look at oodles of maps of things to do in the Lake District and decide where to go tomorrow. We’re hoping to get to Beatrix Potter’s House this weekend. We read there are her actual characters walking around the farm, along with a museum and more. Can’t wait!! Any child’s dream if you’ve read her books, which I have.

We’re going to have a hard time deciding where to go and what to actually see, but we’ll make the most of our little time down here. More to come, I hope!

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