Reverse Road Trip!!

October 10, 2011

Last night, Nat barely got any sleep while trying to fight his sore throat. I managed to get some despite my stuffy nose. Despite the lack of sleep we laid in bed until 8:00 am and then got dressed to go down for our breakfast. Wheezing and sneezing we looked forward to some crunchy toast, a cold orange juice, a hot cup of tea and Nat with his cereal.

Before we left Glenrothes, we wanted to go back to the Town Centre to pick up some Scottish Rolls, Square Sausage and Blood Pudding to take back to Jenny. These are products that are very difficult to get in England, at least that taste as good as the Scottish ones!! Not to be prejudice against the British, but I tend to agree with Jenny. There are certain Scottish foods that do taste just a bit better than the English version. It’s like eating a good Italian meal made by a good Italian cook! The only exception is the freshly caught foods and fresh picked veg by a warm and wonderful couple living in Warminster!!!

With our goodies in hand we were back on the road back to Bedlington. As we had also had a great meal at The Lodge in Carfraemill, Scotland, going up to Glenrothes, we decided to do the same on the way back. Our timing was perfect and we arrived shortly after 11:30. Our previous meal being fish and chips, we decided to go for something different – Nat had the deep-fried Scampi with chips and I, naturally, went for the (Scottish) Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding and chips. Yummmmm!!

On the road again headed towards the Scottish Border. The balance of the trip was quiet and uneventful. We drove, chatted a bit and admired the countryside. Almost every second meadow or field was filled with sheep or cattle or horses. I was wanting so bad to hop out and take pictures but with those long and winding narrow roads with no shoulders it was impossible. Those quaint small roads where you feel like reaching out the window and brushing your hands against the shrubs and bushes alongside.

We soon arrived back at Bedlington just after 2:00 pm where Sharon and Jenny were getting themselves a snack. As soon as we walked in they spotted the Scottish Rolls and suddenly their snack ideas had changed. We were glad to oblige!!

Finishing off the day with another fish and chip supper, we all settled in to watch the telly – “Strictly Come Dancing”, “Emmerdale”, “Coronation Street”, and so on. Another activity I’m enjoying so much while here, is watching the very funny and hilarious game and comedy shows. No other country can match the U.K. for their sense of humour, wit, imagination and settings.

May not get back online for a day or two, but trying as best I can. Our last adventure will be down to the Lake District and I’m really looking forward to that trip. This is a definite tourist area and I know I’ll be able to get some souvenir shopping done. I’ve yet to find a few items on my list and being a lover of such shops, I’m ready, willing and able!!

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