But I Don’t Do Ironing!

October 11, 2011

With our laundry piling up for another week, I decided that I would step in, be forceful and not let Jenny do it again. After a bit of an independent discussion, I won out. She only had to show me any little tricks I’d need to know and I’d be good to go.

I got started on laundry and Yvonne came by to pick up her Mom to go to the shops for their groceries and other items they needed to get. Nat and I stayed quiet for the rest of the day, enjoyed some television with Jenny once she returned and with that our day was complete.

With our luck going the way it has been, it only stood to reason that once I hopped into my funky pajamas (which I tend to do earlier than usual), that Michael, Susan and their oldest son, Jason, would drop by. We hadn’t seen Susan until now because she, too, has been fighting a major cold and/or flu, but we were ever so glad to finally see her. With more laughs and chatting, I pulled out the iPad to show them the latest pictures of their cousins and second cousins at home – the Dagenais and Revill families. Jason then called up his photo on his mobile to show us the helicopter he was able to pilot. He’s wanting to learn to be a pilot and is earning his money as best he can by refurbishing trikes and bicycles, hub caps and other car items. Like Father, like Son. He’s become very good at it and his Granny (Jenny) has suggested he try and get a job with a small bike shop that sells used bikes. It’s sounds like a perfect fit, if you asked me.

You can’t help but enjoy the company of all of Jenny’s children and grandchildren – they all  enjoy a good laugh and are extremely fun to be around.

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