October 12, 2011

It’s now all come to full fruition. Both Nat and I have colds. Nat’s raw throat is still hanging about and he’s having a hard time to get rid of it. His throat is enflamed, he’s hoarse and coughing. I’m still in the relative early stages, with just a rough throat and coughing last night. Mine, naturally, will linger a bit longer, but I’m still not as bad as Nat.

Despite our lack of sleep last night we managed to feel a bit better once up and about this morning to what was going to be a rainy, drizzly day. Michael soon dropped by for his morning coffee and catch-up with his Mom. After Michael left to get on with his busy day, we soon returned to reminiscing. We started looking at some cards I had made and sent to Jenny for Christmas over the years, along with some other memorabilia we found endearing and nice. We continued on with our memories and stories until lunch time.

Michael had said we could go to his house this afternoon and use his Wi-Fi service for as long as we wanted. We had birthday wishes to send to Laura, along with an apology about her gift (that it would be late in arriving) and had planned to go to McDonalds, but Michael said it was no bother and that he’d be home and working on his cars. We were only there for less than half an hour – enough to send the email to Laura and check our emails. On our way home we dropped in at Morrison’s for some more ginger ale and a few other groceries before going back to Jenny’s where young Terry was now keeping her company before going to pick up his little girl from school.

Another quiet evening in where we’ll join Jenny in watching her “soaps”. I have to admit they can become catchy and as we don’t get “Emmerdale” at home (at least I don’t think we do), I’ll have to get in touch with Jenny for at least the up-date to the latest storyline.

Off to the Lake District tomorrow and will hopefully get back online once we arrive at our B & B.

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