Oh Scotland, We’ll Miss Ye!

This morning we were both up by 8:00 am, got showered, dressed and headed to the main lobby for a good breakfast. We then went back to our room where Nat phoned Helen to let her know we’d be up to see her around 1:00 pm.

It was now getting close to lunch time, so we decided to drive back into the Town Centre at Glenrothes, have a bit to each at that nice cafe, take another small look around and then out to Helen’s.

Our visit with Helen was nice. Her children had now grown with babies of their own and she was in the midst of painting her stairway wall. Being alone, her and Nat were able to really get caught up on more family news and that was when she announced that her and Andy had been separated for 7 years and they had just gotten their divorce about 4 days ago. I could see the shock on Nat’s face, but after she explained, Nat certainly understood. It had been an amicable divorce and Andy was soon seeing another woman about 6 months after their separation. Despite seeing Helen on previous visits, I still struggled with her very Scottish brogue, but that didn’t matter, as Nat would interpret after we left. She’s a great gal and I always enjoy her laughter and good spirits despite her problems in life.

We said our goodbyes shortly before 3:00 pm and headed down the road back to Mick and Jean’s. We knocked on the door, but they weren’t home. We found that strange, as they knew we were coming, but we somehow knew something was wrong in the family – either Michael or Jean’s sister, who was suffering from cancer. We were right. We called the house from the car and left our message that we had been by. We called them after our Sunday supper and they had, in fact, been out on an emergency for Jean’s sister. Mick was out at Michael’s helping him with a problem, and would call Nat back.

Tonight we decided to try the pub/restaurant next door – Fettykill Fox – for our Sunday supper. We did a bit of research online and discovered it was a gorgeous place, so we walked over and took a seat in the pub portion. We were surrounded by old Scottish pictures, big leather half-round lounge sofas behind beautiful dark wooden round tables, and walking on creaky wooden floors covered with dark-coloured area rugs. We both felt like we had stepped back in time sitting in an old Scottish pub waiting for the horse-drawn carriages to pull up.

The restaurant menu was a little bit more than we wanted to spend, but the waiter soon arrived with their Sunday supper specials – Roast Turkey with stuffing, Yorkshire Pudding, roast potatoes, veg and roast parsnips; Roast Beef with roast potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding, veg, and gravy; Sticky Toffee Pudding; Roast Pork with Yorkshire Pudding, veg, potatoes, etc., right down to Beef and Mushroom Pie with all the fixings and more, each for under 10.00 Pds. It was shades of last weekend’s Sunday supper with Nat, Jenny and the family. I couldn’t resist again and ordered the Roast Beef, and Nat ordered the Roast Pork. I love Yorkshire Pudding and will have it any chance I get. Just like last weekend, I wasn’t disappointed. A quiet setting, a quaint pub, a gorgeous meal – we were happy.

After our meal, we took a leisurely walk back to the hotel, packed up our belongings and am settling down for the night. We’ve called Jenny to let her know that we should be home mid-afternoon tomorrow. We’ll be taking our time going home and also plan to stop again at The Lodge in Carfraemill to have another nice lunch. I said to Nat, if we’re not buying souvenirs for ourselves, at least we’re having some of the best meals of our lives and who could ask for anything more!!

By way of weather – a lot better than Saturday, where it was just cool enough for a light jacket.

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