A Drizzly, Rainy, Scottish Day

Last night while enjoying our little treats – my cupcakes, by the way, are delicious – Nat could feel his throat getting rawer and rawer. He had felt it getting sore sometime Wednesday and by Friday it wasn’t getting better, and, in fact was really getting worse.

Nat called Mick to let him and Jean know that we had arrived in Glenrothes and arranged to meet up Saturday afternoon. We then turned off the lights around 10:00 PM last night and tried to get a good sleep. Nat struggled but managed somehow to get a few zzzz’s.

Naturally we were both up early this morning and went for a good breakfast. The World Cup of Rugby was on and we enjoyed the game while having our tea, toast and cereal. Nat was still struggling with his throat and by now it was red as a beet. We were going to head into Glenrothes and see what we could find at the “Chemist”.

We arrived at the Town Centre, a pretty good-sized mall, had a walk-about and enjoyed discovering different kinds of shops. We headed for the Chemists first and, with help, bought some lozenges that were well recommended for sore throats. I was amazed and in awe that most of the malls we’ve been to have pastry/bakery shops, cafes with delicious hot (Scottish/English) fare (sausage rolls, meat pies, beans, homemade chips/fries, salads, sweets, etc.) and even a fresh butcher shop! We were successful in finding a few items to take back home and with that we wandered down to one of the cafes where I bought a sandwich (that came with a free bag of “Crisps” (potato chips) to go and then headed down to the pastry shop where Nat bought his sausage roll and empire biscuit. We took our little treats back to the hotel and ate our lunch while watching some great Scottish cooking shows. what fun!!!

The weather was starting to get drizzly and a bit miserable but we drove into Ballingry right after our lunch, to see Mick and Jean, Nat’s best friend since primary school. We had a great afternoon getting caught up on the news, discussing our individual politics and even our moans and groans. Mick and Jean then treated us to a nice supper at his Golf Club where there was also a “Hen Party” (a bachelor party but for women) going on. The girls were in great spirits dressed in their funky outfits and telling stories that even made the four of us laugh.

Going to and from the golf club was rainy and miserable but we drove back to Mick’s for a few minutes before saying our goodbyes. We’d drop by and see them again tomorrow afternoon after our visit with a foster child Nat’s mother-in-law took in and has always been considered a member of the family.

Back to the hotel well after 8:00 pm and with Nat’s throat even sorer after reminiscing with Mick, he got tucked into bed and I’m about to snuggle in with him. A cold drizzly night calls for a good snuggle!

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