Road Trip!!!

There’s something about being on vacation. I’ve been getting up earlier and this morning was no exception. Of course we were headed to Scotland today and Nat wanted to get on the road in good time in order to have a leisurely drive, arrive at our hotel in good time and maybe have time to look around.

Jenny’s son, Nat, dropped by just after 9:00 am to see his Mom, have a cup of coffee, bring us up-to-date on Natalie, and then make sure we were okay for our trip. Hubby quized his nephew to confirm directions and everything was sorted.

We left Newcastle just after 10:00 am. and for some strange reason we were able to find our way out to the A-1 to Coldstream (at the Scottish border) with no problems, and were soon heading up to Edinburgh to catch the bypass, and then take the Fourth Road Bridge towards Glenrothes.

While helping Nat with directions, (nephew) Nat told us about a great pub/inn to eat at Carfraemill, Scotland, if we were interested. Around noon we were driving up towards this litle village and spotted “The Lodge” without any probelms. We were now hungry and looking forward to a nice meal. (Nephew) Nat was right. The Lodge was beautiful and the meal was wonderful.

Once seated, our waiter approached us and asked if we wanted something to drink. I, naturally, ordered a ginger ale and Nat a tea. When the drinks arrived Nat and I could have sworn the young lad had deliveredd me a glass of ale. After Nat took a sip, we were correct. Meanwhile the young lad was watching from the bar and gave us a smile. When I paged him over and explained the confusion, he was sorry. We were then approached by another woman waiter who explained that “Jordan” was in training from school and she apologized for the mix-up. I explained that I was sorry, that being from Canada I may have misled Jordan and that I was more than willing to pay for the ale. Again, she insisted it would be replaced for free and there was no problem. Our gorgeous fish and chip meal arrived shortly thereafter, wherein we sat back, relaxed and enjoyed a great meal in a beautiful Scottish surrounding.

When paying the bill I told Nat to leave a little extra tip, we apologized once again to Jordan for the mix-up, wished him good luck in his training, and went on our way.

The rest of the trip was a little uneventful, while driving through beautiful farm countryside with sheep in the meadow and horses and cattle grazing in the fields. We were able to find our way pretty well with a couple of exceptions but no huge mix-ups. I have to admit that Nat’s been able to remember most of the roadways in Scotland despite his absence and the building of new roadways. We arrived in Glenrothes around 2:10 pm, drove through to Leslie to the Holiday Inn and got checked in.

After getting unpacked and not necessarily wanting any supper, we decided to drive down into the shops of Leslie to see if we could find somewhere to grab some snack foods for our evening in. With a bit more luck on our side we found a quaint little bakery that (by now) didn’t have much left in the pastry case, but the rather big, yummy looking chocolate cupcakes with piles of chocolate frosting began to wink at me. I don’t know why, it was sort of a given they were going out tonight!! I asked the clerk for 2 cupcakes, Nat found an Empire Biscuit, and as she was packing them into the bag, I put up another finger and she knew immediately I wanted a third. We then headed down to the mini market to buy some cold drinks for the evening and with that we drove home, and settled in for the night.

We’ll be seeing Mick and Jean tomorrow and am looking forward to it. So as I’ve stated before, the saga continues!

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