If You Use Them More, It Gets Easier – A Comedy of Errors

October 4, 2011

Last evening was really nice. After a nice “fry up” – eggs, black pudding, sausages and toast – we all settled in to watch television. This was Jenny’s night for her soaps. She’s an avid follower of Emmerdale, East Enders and Coronation Street. I’m no longer a follower of Coronation Street, but it was so much fun getting caught up with the characters that were still on the show and which I knew. So much had changed from when I followed the show in the ’90’s. I’m now anxious to get home and tell Floris what’s going on and see if Canada has at least caught up to Britain.

Jenny headed upstairs around 9:00 while Nat and I sat and watched a couple of shows before we headed off to bed.

With all of us finally having a good night’s sleep, this morning we had decided to have Michael take us back to that little mall we had been to on Monday. Jenny was headed to the shops with her daughter, Sharon, and we’d have some time to wander around alone and return by lunch time.

Michael dropped us off just after 10:00 am and we told him we’d be about a couple of hours. He had told us the mall wasn’t that big and we now believe him. We took our time and checked out everything that peaked our interest, but it turned out to be more of a “convenience” mall – small telephone shops, pastry shops, a couple of ladies wear and shoe stores, a Pound Shop (equal to our Dollar Stores), right down to a supermarket. We had completed the entire space within the hour.

We purchased a couple of items we needed, along with an item Jenny had asked us to pick up and even found something for dear sister, Bonnie, that she can’t find in Canada anymore. (Yes, Bonnie, I’m thinking’ about ya!! So I’m gonna keep you guessing until we get home, but don’t get excited it’s not that big a deal).

Once we were done wandering around and because we were a lot earlier than what we had told Michael, we decided to buy a snack and drink and have a seat. We headed for that wonderful smelling pastry shop where I found some chocolate cupcakes and Nat bought a sausage roll. We enjoyed our little treats and decided to call Michael. This is where the real fun began.

The new cell (“mobile”) we had purchased now contained a few contacts – Michael’s mobile so we could call him when ready, Wendy’s mobile because I didn’t want to loose it, and then ours’ so we wouldn’t forget. In the back of my mind I knew how to do it, but as the mobile numbers here are so long I had an ounce of doubt. I turned the phone on and handed it to Nat so he could talk. Because of the mall noise Nat was unable to hear what the operator was saying so he hung up. I then picked Michael’s name from the contacts and pressed dial. I was getting his voice mail and was surprised. Michael never ever turns his mobile off. I looked at Nat and we both began to doubt ourselves that we were doing it right. After a couple more tries, we decided to ask someone at one of the shops, and he said “Aye, we were doing it right”. We then headed over to the seating area and tried again and as we were getting a voice mail I decided to leave a message anyway. Afterall, you never know. It was then that Nat remembered that when getting Michael’s mobile number he had corrected us on the last digit. Nat was convinced that it was a “2” instead of a “1”, but I was convinced it was a “1” instead of a “2”, as I had corrected it as soon has told us.

I then began to try calling Michael with the last digit being 2 and still no luck – I was getting an unavailable network. Thinking maybe we didn’t need to dial the area code, I then tried dialing just the last 5 digits and naturally it was an incomplete number. At this point we were getting even more doubtful of what was going wrong. It wasn’t helpful that I didn’t even have Jenny’s mobile number to at least call her and get Michael. After more discussions we thought maybe we could find a landline phone to get a hold of the Yellow Pages, get Jenny’s home number and then call her.

We approached a clerk standing outside of her little shop and it was at this point that our mobile began to ring. It was Michael!! I answered the call and soon discovered we had done everything right the very first time. As Michael and the rest of his family went to the Doctor’s this morning to get their flu shot (“flu jab”, as they say), he had turned his phone off in the Doctor’s office. Once he left he had remembered some time later and that’s when he finally got our message and called. We had a load of laughs while driving home. It soon became a comedy of errors with Nat and I feeling like a couple of country bumpkins that had just arrived in the big city.

We arrived home just after 1:00 pm, and Jenny was still out at the shops with Yvonne, so we decided to start making a light lunch. As soon as we started the two ladies walked in the door with their groceries. Yvonne stayed awhile and we then spent another nice relaxing afternoon before our tea time.

It was shortly after our supper that one of Jenny’s grandchildren, (young) Terry came by with his wife and two children. With two excitable adults and their two children in Jenny’s wee house, needless to say it was an interesting evening. Once they departed for home, we were now ready for a quiet, albeit short, evening.

By way of an added note – the weather we’ve had so far in our trip has been perfect and at times a little humid while at Warminster. Even after arriving in Bedlington, the weather’s been a little cooler but still sunny. Today it’s now turned much cooler (jacket weather) and today the clouds are starting to roll in. afternoon.

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