A Long Night, Car Rentals and Wi-Fi

October 3, 2011

After a nice evening with Jenny, we all retired a little earlier than usual. Around 2:00 am we heard Jenny downstairs and we soon began to wonder what was going on. She had complained of stomach pains starting this past Saturday and was feeling better after taking Gaviscon or antacids.

It wasn’t shortly after that that she was back upstairs to the bathroom and was being sick. She struggled all night long as Nat and I lay in our bed feeling helpless, but we knew there was nothing we could do. Finally we heard her go back to her bed and thought she had settled down, but we were wrong. As the night continued Nat and I laid there listening for any noise to make sure she was okay and before we knew  it, it turned 7:30 and we both got up and dressed. Once downstairs we saw Jenny sitting at the dining table having a cup of tea.

As with every human being we all tried to diagnose what was wrong. At one point we thought maybe the gravy we had for Sunday lunch was too rich, but she didn’t have any. Then we thought maybe the larger lunch and snacks of sausage rolls, etc. at Leah’s was more than  her ailing stomach could handle. We had also heard through some of her children that there was a bug going around, including a few of them, and we were now convinced that’s what she had. Being a bit old-fashioned, Jenny did what she thought was okay to make her feel better. Nat and I both knew, from past experience, that her meals should be light and stick to tea and toast and just rest for the balance of the day. But Jenny being Jenny, she said she was feeling a bit better after taking some more Gaviscon and proceeded to ask me for our laundry. She was adamant and there was nothing I could do, except help with sorting and putting away.

Once Michael arrived on his daily check of his Mom, he had been doing some research the night before about the insurance for the car we were going to borrow from him. The laws in the U.K. have now changed and we would have to have been living in Britain for a year. He had also been told that if we went online we could probably apply for some insurance but we’d had to fill out the lengthy form. Michael and Nat then began doing research about renting a car, and naturally Michael, with his connections, had discovered a rental agency that would give us a deal for 99.00 Pds. a week (including insurance), which Michael said was pretty good.

Michael then said he’d take us over to his house so we could hook-up to his Wi-Fi, could go online and check out the insurance form and I could also take the time to post to my Blog. Away we went and once hooked-up, Nat and I soon realized the insurance company was right – they were asking for a pint of blood while filling out that form. So while waiting for Michael to get back, I managed to get my previously written draft posts, cut and pasted to my Blog and I felt so much better. I was thinking about Wendy, Gail, Bonnie and any others waiting for my next instalment. I’m starting to believe I’ve started a serial.

When Michael returned to pick us up, we told him we had decided to just rent a car and could do so when we went into the Metro Centre in Newcastle on Thursday. I have to admit this is one day I’m looking forward to. Along with Wi-Fi withdrawal, the shopping withdrawal is also lingering in and around my little brain.

On another subject, as we had left our cell phone charger at Wendy’s, Michael knew we could get another one, along with helping us to unlock our new little cell phone so we could take it back to Canada. Nat would then have his phone and I would have mine. We both felt this was a good way for me to have a phone and as we had already paid for this one, then why not.

Michael then decided to take us over to this little Mall where we could get our charger and   this would be the same guy who could unlock our phone. With one more bump in the road, once we arrived we were told that Sony Ericsson phone’s were extremely hard to unlock, but one of the other phone shops in this little mall would be able to help us. He gave the chap a call and said that, yes, he’d be able to do it, but it would take a couple of days. We were ecstatic – or at least I was! As we didn’t need to have it unlocked until we were getting ready to fly home, and as the unlocking would take a couple of days, we decided to do it after we came home from the Lake District. So we bought our charger and headed for home.

It was now well after our lunch time and upon arriving at home, Jenny had fixed a light lunch for herself and we soon fixed something for us. As I ran upstairs to change into a cooler top, Jenny had laid out all of our clothes, after ironing everything, included my sweaters that didn’t need ironing, on the bed. I was so tempted to go back downstairs and (in Jenny’s words) “Whatta ya doin’, man?” I couldn’t. As she was so pleased to have us there, I left it.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow, shall we!!

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