The Rain Is On, But We’ve Got Family To Shelter Us

October 2, 2011

Yesterday’s saga ended as we finally approached the station at Newcastle. The balance of our train trip was uneventful stopping at town or village stations along the way with an array of personalities getting on and off at each stop.

Arriving at Newcastle Station was a little disorienting, but we were lucky in that our stop was very close to the front doors and it wasn’t long before we saw Michael’s smiling face (Jenny’s 2nd oldest) approaching us. We passed the time getting back to Jenny’s telling Michael our stories and at least being able to now laugh at it all.

Jenny was waiting for us as we drove up to the front door and we immediately put our cases upstairs and then chatted in the living room of her newly decorated little home, well past Jenny’s bedtime (9:00 pm). I gave up the ghost around 10:00 pm, as I was anxious to put our things away, have a good shower and jump into bed. Nat and Jenny continued getting caught up and soon walked up the stairs close to midnight.

This morning (Sunday) we were all up early, which was a surprise to me, and after breakfast we continued with our chit chatting, with Nat and Jenny reminiscing about their days in the circus with their Dad. These are the times I wish I had a tape recorder to tape their conversations – some great memories and some sad memories, but all well worth being recorded for posterity.

It wasn’t long before we saw Nat (Jenny’s youngest son) pull up to the door. Every Sunday Nat and his family (Natalie, daughter Grace and son, Matthew) take Jenny to Sunday dinner and the tradition wasn’t stopped just because we were visiting. Another trip down the road with Uncle Nat telling his nephew Nat of our hard luck with the travel systems in Britain. Nat’s nephew could really relate as he travels continuously around the Continent with his business.

We were in awe upon arriving at this gorgeous restaurant with a beautiful old English atmosphere serving delicious English meals. As we were checking out the menu I was watching the gorgeous dishes of Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding pass us by and I immediately remarked “I know what I’m having”.  Nat followed suit and when the our meals arrived we were bowled over. The meal looked delicious, it tasted delicious and each meal was  accompanied by small bowls of roasted and boiled potatoes, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. The Yorkshire Pudding alone was bigger than anything I’d ever seen. Each and every dish ordered around the table was ever so inviting, and as Nat and I began to eat we couldn’t believe how delicious it was. Again, the Yorkshire Pudding was perfect as were the veggies.

The meal was finished off by yummy desserts – a sundae dish full of chocolate ice cream for me accompanied by a Flakey (chocolate twirled and twirled so much it has a small crunch to it), vanilla ice cream and Flakey for hubby,  warm chocolate brownie for Matthew (a chocoholic, bless his little heart), Apple Crumble for Jenny and Sticky Toffee Pudding shared by Nat and Natalie, and Grace wanting to keep her cute little figure bowed out. This was shaping up to be a perfect Sunday. A wonderful meal, great conversation and a few laughs with more warm and wonderful family.

As we were driving home in nephew Nat’s gorgeous BMW (with built-in GPS) he dropped us off at a local supermarket so I could stock up on Gingerale and we were soon back at Jenny’s where we could chill out until later in the evening when we’ll be leaving for Robert (Jenny’s 3rd oldest) and his wife Julie’s for another get together with more of the family.

Yvonne (Jenny’s first born) came by mid-afternoon and visited until Robert (Jenny’s third child) dropped by to go to Leah’s house (a grandchild) for a light supper of snack-style food and drinks. The whole gang was there and we were re-introduced to those we had already met and the new husbands, and  little ones we’ve never met. Nat and I were taken aback at one of the boys who had sprouted up to handsome young man. It was later that night that we were re-introduced to young Michael who we remember going to the pubs with his granddad while Jenny, Nat and I went to the shops. It was great fun getting caught up on plenty of news and their lives, along with enjoying a table full of snacks and cupcakes.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing back at Jenny’s.

More to come, so be sure to check in – whenever I can get hooked up! This hook-up was thank’s to Michael (Jenny’s third born) today (Tuesday) as he’s trying to get insurance arranged should we decide to rent a car or borrow one from him and get our own insurance – but that will be for the next posting.

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