A Day In The English Countryside

After a late night of conversation, watching a Cornwall comedian on telly, we hit the hay without even thinking. Between the four of us we’ve had discussions beginning with family memories right up to politics and beyond. It’s been great fun especially to get the British side of things.

Wendy, Terry and Nat were up early, as usual, while little Miss Prissy struggled with her hair-do because I’m having a hard time trying to get it styled. It only stands to reason with our luck this trip that I brought the curling iron suited for British electrical outlets, but had every intention of bringing my regular one using one of the adapters. The curling iron I’ve brought is absolutely useless on short thin hair. It can make you pull your hair out, which if you think about it might just be my solution. No hair – no hassle!!!

Once I was finally up and running we ate our breakfast and headed down the road to tour several of the surrounding villages and sites. On our way there Terry took us around his golf course and the two boys had a great time discussing their favourite sport, while Wendy and I wandered around chit chatting and having a good laugh or two. We then landed at Devizes to look at the Caine Hill locks, where touring barges would move up and down the locks to get where they were going. Another great time, including me standing in the way of one of the lock masters trying to open one of the gates!! If it wasn’t for the other three I would have been dumped in the drink!

We were then on to Lacock, a quaint small village where no television antennae are allowed in order to keep the village as authentic as possible. This was one of the villages where certain scenes of the “Harry Potter” series were filmed. We walked about the streets peeking in and out of a pastry shop, a National Trust shop and others. Nat and I snapped away while the four of us strolled down the quiet streets. There was even a little school with the children screaming and shouting while at recess.

In the car again and now off to Cassle Coombe, another beautiful little village to tour. On our way Terry showed us his favorite house situated in Sandy Lane. As he passes this house every now and again while on the job, he’s admired it and always felt that if he had over a million pounds this would be his home for life. After seeing this home with its’ beautiful “curb appeal” who could hardly blame him. Nat and I had to step out of the car and take several pictures. We both managed to get about four nice ones suitable for framing.

We had another great time walking about the village of Cassle Coombe snapping away with our cameras and then stopping at a little tea shop for drinks. With that we decided to head on home. This was only going to be a day where we would stick close to home and be home early for supper.

Finally arriving home we settled in for a couple of hours before supper. After loading my pictures onto the iPad, Nat had asked that I do his, also. Again, up stands another one of our crappy luck times. Nat couldn’t turn on his camera in order to get it charged. He and Terry tried as they might to figure it out and then Terry decided for him and Nat to pop out to the local photo shop to see what was wrong. They shortly returned home with only a little help but a couple of suggestions. However, once re-inserting the battery into the camera it began to blink as if nothing was wrong. The men had concluded that the trick was taking the battery out and then re-inserting it. We now have lift-off and will wait until the camera is fully charged and try to load Nat’s pictures onto the iPad. Both of us so far have been extremely pleased at the photos we’ve been taking.

We’ll be leaving in the morning on the 12:30 train from Bristol to Newcastle – in our “quiet coach” which I’m looking forward to. Terry and Wendy will be driving us to Bristol around 10:30 so we can arrive in plenty of time and then alas will have to say our goodbyes.

This leg of our journey (at Wendy and Terry’s) has been absolutely brilliant (as they say in England) and we’ll miss Wendy and Terry immensely. Terry has a sense of humour which I love dearly and he’s kept me laughing every hour on the hour. We couldn’t have asked for much more and am truly sorry that we have to leave so early. I hope that Wendy and Terry will believe us that we’ll come back in a heartbeat as soon as can. Good family, good food and plenty of laughs. Love to you both, we’re so ever grateful.

Going for my supper now – lasagna with side salad – yumm!! To be continued, but maybe a little less frequent. No computer at Jenny’s home so will have to attempt to find either a wi-fi cafe or trip over to one of her childrens’ homes. Will try my best to see what I can do.

One thought on “A Day In The English Countryside

  1. Hello you two!
    I’m so glad you got down to Sidmouth, and met Margaret & Paul. Doesn’t Margaret remind you of Mom?? She may be a bit more petite – but you can see they’re related!
    Don’t you just love the country side around Wendy & Terry’s? It’s so quaint
    Love, Gail

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