Oh God, It Died!

It goes without saying that if you live near wooded areas you’re going to have birds, bees, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunk and a various assortment of bugs. It was this past week when Nat and I soon discovered why people put those ugly decals on some of their windows. We were having a seat just before starting our supper when we heard a huge Thud!! We’re not lacking noises around this old house but this one kind of sounded familiar. We knew we had heard it before, and upon checking from where the thud came from, we weren’t wrong. Sure enough, another bird had flown smack dab into the middle of our patio door, hit the damn thing so hard it bounced back onto the deck and laid as still as a church mouse. The last time this had happened, the sparrow had only stunned himself, laid still for awhile and then began to awaken from unconsciousness before flying away as fast as his little wings would take him. I suppose it had to happen sooner or later, that one would hit the door so hard something fierce would happen. We stood at the door watching for quite a few minutes, hoping like hell the little thing would begin to stir, but nothing. Pardon the pun – but dead silence!! Nat gave a huge sigh and knew what he had to do. Go get the shovel. The deed was done and we were back to our meal prep. Mother Nature had lost another one. I suppose we’ll now go out and look for some sort of decent-looking decal. After all we really don’t want Mother Nature’s fury reigning down on us – the weather out this way is bad enough without her getting pissed off at loosing another one of her little creatures!!

On a whole other front, the last week is upon us before out trip. Nat is still in some denial and can’t believe it’s gotten this close. I, on the other hand, am somewhat prepared. I’ve been in the office doing all that prep work needed before leaving your home vacant for awhile. The papers have been cancelled, the mail has been put on hold, the computer has been backed up, the lawn guy hired, and so on and so on. Piddly, but necessary stuff. Whenever I think of something that we should be taking and won’t be using until then, I’ll grab that item and put it with the suitcases – the old memory isn’t working as good as it use to.

We had a nice break Saturday night and headed out to Gail’s. My nephew and his girlfriend were down for a visit – they live in the wilds of Alberta – and it was a great chance to see all of my family before we left, along with getting caught up on my nephew’s news. We had a great laugh but living a bit further afield, we headed home early.

Today was another nice day. Felicia and Bridget celebrated their September birthdays together so we were at Susan and Tom’s with Laura, Karly, Lucas and Tom’s brother and his family. Another last chance to see everyone before we left and as always another great day.

I may not have a chance to post anything else between now and our trip and I’m certainly hoping that I can keep things up-to-date once we arrive. Wi-Fi cafes should be around in London and I may have to visit Nat’s nieces and nephews to get plugged in whenever I can. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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