That Time Of Year, Thank God!

Woke up the other day feeling invigorated. At last the cooler weather was upon  us – at least for now. I was at last able to get some chocolate chip cookies in the freezer and a raisin loaf made for Nat’s tea time. It felt good to get back to baking and hopefully I’ll get a bit more done before we leave.

We’re now starting to gear up for our trip. Thursday afternoon Nat had to make decisions on what to take and with a bit of me nosing in, he managed to get it done. He also realized it was about time he up-dated a couple of items in his closet and we’d need to do that before leaving. Friday then saw us heading into St. Catharines. We’d give a set of keys to Claudia along with an itinerary, go to Moore’s Clothing for Men and pick up a couple of items for Nat’s wardrobe and drive out to Jordan to see Gail and drop off the re-recorded CDs for her friend, Rose. As Claudia is in this area a bit more often than any other family member, we felt it obvious we leave her with a set of keys in case our neighbour called with a problem. We also left her with our itinerary in case (God, forbid) anything happen here at home and she needs to get in touch with us. I’ve always felt this was a necessary thing before leaving on a trip. We’ve heard on the news before where people have gone away, there’s been a tragedy at home and no one knew where they were. It just puts our minds at ease.

We had a great visit with Claudia and not seeing her, Darby and Tyler most of the summer, got caught up on their news and trips. We always get a kick out of hearing where this adventuresome family has gone and what they got up to. I admire and envy their gumption!!

Having found what we were looking for at Moore’s – a good belt and socks – I also managed to convince Nat into buying a new short jacket. He’s been looking for one for awhile and after trying on a few in various stores, has never found the right one. He was taking a quick look at the sales rack and tried on one that I fell in love with immediately. It was different from what he usually buys and he looked good in it. I had to do some quick talking, as it was a bit more money but at least was on sale. He couldn’t quite convince himself that just because it was on sale didn’t make it any less cheaper. It was going to take me a few days to figure that one out, but my feminine wiles won!!

We then headed into Jordan to drop off the CDs at Gail’s. For some bloody reason I’ve been having trouble getting Rose’s CDs into the right format so her and her mom could play them on their CD players. Gail and I took a couple out to her Van to see if they’d work in that CD player. After a bit of funny business – their Van CD player is a bit different from what I’m use to – we managed to get the CDs to play. Whew!!! I’ve been so worried about this project as it’s for a friend of Gail’s and I didn’t want to disappoint especially after boasting how well this would work!!! As long as we were there, I decided to download iTunes for her so she can get her collection of CDs loaded into their computer and she wouldn’t have to worry about their finicky CD player. Knowing Gail and  her family, however, and being as busy as they are, I’m sure their collection of CDs will wait for sometime before getting any attention. I have to admit, this would be one project I’d love to do for her, and will have to see if she’d let me.

Our Friday ended with supper at (albeit quite early)  Swiss Chalet. By the time we arrived home we were exhausted. Not having done the “day out” thing for quite awhile our bodies didn’t know what hit them. Nat also would have an early night as he had a golf tournament Saturday morning and would have to get up by 5:00 am. I’m expecting he’ll be asleep in his easy chair by 6:00 pm tonight!!

We’ve now come to today and Nat’s at his tournament, I’m doing laundry and housework (at least once I get away from the office) and we’ll get on with our usual routine. At least now, however, I can add some baking into the mix with this glorious weather finally upon us!!

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