Wainfleet Was Our Excitement!

On one of the hottest days of the summer, Nat had a golf tournament (8/27). He managed to get through the day but came home soaking wet but still in the money. His foursome managed to pull a cold one out of the hat and stayed near the top to win some money. Not much, but something is always better than nothing! While he was gone I tripped through my usual Saturday doing a bit of laundry, mucking about in the office and even getting ahead on a few packing things for Britain.

Nat and I still can’t believe we’ve only got a couple of weeks before we hit those (hopefully) blue skies and get away for a much needed break. It’s not that we’ve been extremely busy for the past couple of weeks, it’s just that we’ve been extremely boring. With the hot summer holding its own I’ve not been able to step outside most days but Nat’s been able to sit on the deck and read his papers or do his crosswords. While he’s out, I’m in – watching a few shows that were taped, playing games on the iPad or back in the office. Some days it feels like we’re living together but apart. He on the deck, me in the living room. As I married such an understanding man, I try to join him for a few minutes on the deck but within minutes the humidity has formed a ring around my head and feels like it’s squeezing me like a Hot Toddie! A peck on hubby’s cheek and I’m back inside like a flash.

With all of this non-activity I’m guessing Nat is getting a little frustrated and I can’t blame him. There are days he feels completely out of it as he wants to get things accomplished outdoors but the heat  is starting to even get to him. He struggles to hang around the house day in and day out doing crosswords or watching golf games. He heads down to the golfing range now and again and even tags along with me on some errands. I’m sure he’s very anxious to get across the pond to see his friend, Mick, his sister and her family and have a change of pace from our little home here in Canada.

Trying as hard as we might to find things to keep us occupied, we were glad to see the Labour Day weekend upon us. As usual, I wanted to go to the Marshville Heritage Festival and with Saturday being taken up by groceries and laundry, Sunday being a bit rainy, we decided to head to Wainfleet on Monday. We were glad to see much cooler temperatures on Monday, despite the clouds that loomed overhead – another rainy forecast – so we left for the Festival by 9:00 am. Upon arrival the parking lot was starting to get a little full, but we were lucky enough to get a good spot and began our little walk-about.

For once, we were able to walk by each exhibitor and see all of their wares without lots of other bodies between us and them. A few of the usual jewellery crafters were there, along with potterers, wood carvers, quilters, milliners, jams and jelly makers, beaders and heritage demonstrations. This was the first time Nat and I actually walked about some of the demonstrations and had a great conversation with a gentleman in the anvil shop making horseshoes. We then watched as a few men put together an old saw generated by the engine of a tractor and began to cut shingles from a huge block of tree trunk. We took our time and looked at each exhibit making remarks about what we liked and didn’t like but at least respected the labour that went into any such item. This was the first time I denied myself a candy apple. It’s been a tradition of mine that every Fall I’ll attend some sort of craft show or heritage festival and buy a couple of candy apples. For some reason I never even gave them a thought until Nat mentioned it. I shrugged my shoulders and said “nah, let’s just head home”.

Having picked up a half dozen of Timmie’s donuts on the way home, we had a bite to eat and managed to fulfill the afternoon by baking (me) and lawn mowing (Nat). As far as Labour Day’s go, this one was pretty quiet but a lot more exciting than our past couple of weeks. If the rest of the week is as cooler as it was today, then I’m in great shape to at least get some baking done while Nat will be working outside. We’re also coming to a reality check where we have to decide what to take to Britain and knowing the two of us that will take up a few of our days as we’re both getting to be very bad at making “final” decisions.

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