Shopping I Love, Telephones I Hate

Dear hubby has been meaning to buy new shoes (or runners) for awhile. He hates to shop, like most men, and as this is something I can’t pick out for him, he had to bite the bullet and tag along on a shopping trip. We decided to head to Limeridge Mall in Hamilton – a mall that always has much more selection than our local Pen Centre or Niagara Square. There were also a couple of items I wanted to look for so we decided to make a day of it on Saturday.

Arriving just at opening time we could tell the Mall was busy already. I suppose “back to school” shoppers and the usual teenagers hanging around, so we put on our best faces and away we went. We had just stepped inside the door when we came to the Bowring store with a huge sale on. As our son-in-law had admired Nat’s coffee mugs (which we had purchased there last year) we decided to have a look out of curiosity to see if we could find some more. We hit the jackpot – they had more and they were on sale again! It was a no brainer. We bought 4 of them and will put them aside for the appropriate occasion.

We continued on and meandered through various shoe stores in search of those perfect shoes for Nat. He was still hesitating whether to just replace his beige running shoes or to maybe try something different, like a pull-on loafer. I had to convince him that he would have to pick out one or two pair and try them on to see how he would like them and to test the fit. In and out of shoe stores I managed to purchase the items I was looking for and then we took a break for lunch.

We continued on our merry way after lunch and began to get more serious. By now Nat had convinced himself that he should look at loafer-style shoes. He knew they would work with his golf pants and could be used for dress wear or that casual look. We headed back to a couple of the stores that had the shoes he liked and tried them on. At last, he was successful, and I have to admit they looked great on him. Now he’ll have some great shoes for our trip to England.

With a very successful shopping trip behind us we headed home. This was the first time that the two of us have lasted at any Mall for so long. I’m thinking Nat’s hoping it won’t be for another extremely long time that we’ll repeat this whole exercise.

After a very quiet and peaceful Sunday, we woke up Monday with a couple of errands to run. As we had applied for a Travel Card and wanted to add some funds to it, we had to attend at our bank to get a couple of things straightened out. Being a huge “online banking” fan I wanted the card to show up on our “Accounts” list so I could top the Travel Card up at any time. For some reason I had a hard time explaining this to the bank teller and after the Bank Manager came along to assist, we finally got what we wanted. However, upon arriving home and going to our online banking site I managed to find a couple of things that weren’t right and decided to call the Banks 1-800 number for assistance. With another one of those long explanations, the chap on the other end managed to understand what I was talking about and again, we got things done. Despite Nat’s misgivings about having passwords, account numbers, pin numbers, log-in names, various accounts, etc. he understands why the online banking is so convenient, but would still love to go back to the era of writing cheques and attending the bank itself to make deposits and withdrawals!!

With one phone call done I now had to call General Motors to arrange for a change in Nat’s pension. Like the Bank, this was another one of those calls where you had to press 1 for English, press 2 for this, press 3 for that and so on. After reaching the person to whom I wished to speak to, we straightened out what we wanted and another successful call was completed.

After making those two telephone calls about 2 hours had past. With Nat at my side all of this time because certain things were in his name and he’d be needed for confirmation, it was frustrating and I could see the confusion in his eyes. Hopefully we’ve now got everything straightened out and our banking experience should be more convenient. Of course, everyone out there knows that it’s not always that simple and somehow, somewhere, something else is bound to happen and we go through this whole process again!!


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