If It’s Hot, It Must Be The Air

What were the odds that once we had finally paid for our trip to Britain, am saving for spending money for our trip, had a garage sale to raise funds for a new little bedroom TV, and am still paying for our new deck, that something else would go awry? It goes without saying, that such an event has happened.

With the extreme hot days upon us, Nat naturally has been watching the thermometer for the air-conditioning unit. When we moved into this new old house we knew the air-conditioner was looking pretty warn but we crossed our fingers, toes and eyes hoping that it would last for a few years before we had to replace it. I guess those “few years” have now arrived, as last week we noticed that the air temperature in the house was way higher than the air-conditioner was showing. The AC kept running and running and running with no results. After checking downstairs Nat noticed that there was no condensation dripping into the sink. I immediately went online to do a little research and found a few options that we could try. The websites I checked said to make sure the coils weren’t frozen and that the condensation pipes weren’t clogged. As we couldn’t actually check to see if the coils were frozen we decided to take the advice anyway and turn off the AC and run the fan to see if, in fact, that would help. Nat also couldn’t check the pipes as (with all things in this house) they were installed in a somewhat unconventional way. Making a long story short there were pipes connected to other pipes and Nat was unable to loosen them and now thinks they’re glued together. Strange, yes, and true!! I’ve said it before there was some weird man in this house screwing up everything he touched!!

Once an hour had passed we turned the AC back on but still no condensation. We then re-adjusted the daytime and nighttime temperatures to be the same and slowly brought the AC up to par. Since then everything has been running okay, but still no excess condensation appearing. Naturally the discussion ensued whether we should get a new air-conditioner now or try and hold on until next Spring. For now what we’ve managed to achieve is keep the present one going on an even keel, but who knows for how long. We’re both uneasy as to what should happen if the present AC should give out at an unexpected time and thus decided for peace of mind it would be worth it to just get a new one. How we’ll pay for the damn thing is something else we’ll have to figure out, but we somehow come up with a plan. We’ll be getting a quote tomorrow morning and again keep our fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed hoping it won’t be as bad as we think.


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