Six Days of Not Much But Got Some Things Done

As I’ve repeated so many times before, Nat and I are struggling this summer to fill our days. We’ve managed to get some things done around the house and yard, but it’s been difficult with some of this extreme heat that’s fallen upon us – especially me, who can’t take the heat at all. We’ve managed to have most of our lunches on the deck but there’s been one or two days where it’s been a little too hot and we’ve had to sit indoors.

Having said all of that, this past Saturday saw us off to Welland to see our grandson, Lucas, play ball in his new Leaque. He’s now a player on The Boys of Summer baseball team and received his “Card”. Alas, his team hasn’t been doing that well and have struggled to win as many games as they should have. When arriving in Welland it was sweltering hot and the ballpark had no shade at all. I grabbed my umbrella and the spectators sat around the perimeter of the park, some with pop-up canopies, trying to keep as cool as possible while enjoying the game. The game got started a little late due to unforeseen circumstances but as Nat and I had planned to go out for supper we were unable to stay for all innings. With the extreme heat really beating down Nat and I stayed as long as we could and then left for Swiss Chalet for a bit to eat before heading home to settle down in the cooler air and watch a movie we had rented.

Lucas’ luck with this new league hasn’t been all that good and there have been times when he’s pitched a great game, batted a good run or two, but other times he’s been benched, made a pitch hitter and then not played at all. He’s been getting mad at himself and it’s been showing in the field. His frustration is understandable. He’s now in a more strict league and playing with and against bigger boys. After leaving the Niagara Falls All Star Falcons on a high note he’s now found himself starting at the bottom again and his maturity hasn’t quite caught up with the whole affair. The team never made the finals and we can only hope he doesn’t take it personally. Papa Nat and I will be curious as to what he and his family decide for next year – whether he’ll continue on or not.

Another extremely hot day came on Sunday but we drove down to WalMart to purchase one of those pop-up canopies we had seen at the baseball game. Nat and I have been looking for a stand-alone umbrella but the prices have been a little too extreme and we thought this canopy would be our solution. The price of $50.00 also made for a win-win purchase. The size was right, the price was perfect and so the deed was done and the canopy was soon in the back of the van headed for home.

Needing a few items from Costco we decided to head into St. Catharines on Monday morning. Along with our usual list of food items, we were going to look at the TV/DVD combos. I’ve been looking for one for the bedroom where I can watch my DVD shows that Nat’s not particularly interested in. We’ve been looking at all of the usual places – Best Buy, Future Shop, WalMart, etc. but settled on the 19″ Toshiba, being a better brand name and the price was right. It didn’t take us long to get it set up and working once we arrived home. The more time-consuming chore was putting all of our meat into our Foodsaver which is now driving Nat crazy. The newer model we bought has been curling up the edges of the bags and Nat has a hard time trying to get the bags to seal. This is one of those times where Nat’s temper gets the better of him and I’m pretty sure one of these days that Foodsaver is going to go flying out the patio door. In my own little quiet way I’m going to start looking for another one that’s easier to work with. This “stand-up” model just isn’t working and is raising Nat’s blood pressure every time he just looks at the thing!

Wednesday saw Nat off for his usual golf game and me in the office sorting out odds ‘n sods. As I’ve no projects on the go at the present, I also took time out to watch a few of my “reality” cooking shows I had taped. Not being Nat’s favourite shows to watch I try and take time to view them when I’m alone. I’m really enjoying the Master Chef series as well as Food Network Star.

Now up-to-date with the past week, today (Thursday) saw Nat and I go for a few groceries and then into Fort Erie. We had a few questions about a travel card at our bank and then we drove over to our travel agent to pay the final balance for our trip. It’s official now – we’ll be off to Britain soon and for once I’m really looking forward to a good holiday. Except for our weekend in Corning, NY, Nat and I haven’t been away since we moved to this little town. I’m thinking we’re about due.

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