Years May Come, Years May Go – But Each One Has Just Begun

This past week Nat and I have been reminded once again that the years are flying by. With two graduations to attend to – Lucas’ and Bridget’s – we were promptly reminded how fast the two youngest grandchildren have grown. Lucas looking ever so handsome in his suit and Bridget so beautiful in her strapless dress and high heels. We were both awe struck how good they looked and tall they’ve gotten.

Monday night was the first graduation and once Lucas got out of the car our jaws dropped to the ground. Neither one of us have ever seen Lucas in a 3-piece suit and we were so surprised how well he was taking it. He’s at that age now where he’s becoming aware of his looks even though Nat and I still look at him and see a little 2 or 3 year old laughing and giggling grandson.

As graduations go, his was the best we’ve ever been to. His ceremony opened with a great lively rendition of “Oh Canada” sung by a quartet of young boys as a lot of shoulders in the audience swayed back and forth to the beat while standing at attention. The rest of the ceremony was short and sweet and ended with a wonderful video montage of the Grade 8 class with baby pictures, graduation pictures and various congratulatory messages from teachers and staff. Well done by the volunteer moms and sons. Naturally the requisite pictures were taken outdoors afterward and the grads were then off to Eagle Valley Golf Club for a dinner-dance. Lucas not being one to dance he was kind of hesitating but we’re both very sure he had a great time despite his nervousness.

Nat and I then headed off to Bridget’s graduation in Thorold on Tuesday evening. Another shock and awe moment as Bridget (our little tomboy) came walking down the sidewalk all dressed in a short strapless dress with high heels and hair all bouncy and flowing with curls. We both shook our heads and couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. We were so use to seeing her with hair all pulled back in a hair band dressed in cropped pants and t-shirts.

The ceremony for Bridget was a little bigger because of her class size and number of awards that were given out. The gymnasium was warm despite the air-conditioning but hoots and hollows were heard throughout the evening as each student received their diploma and/or award(s). We were pleased to hear Bridget’s name called for the School Council Award and Mom and Dad were surprised themselves. The rest of the evening was spent wandering the school grounds taking more pictures, eating cupcakes made by a volunteer and drinking punch. A great time all around.

Nat and I are extremely proud of these two grandchildren. Both have had their problems growing up and trying to walk in their older siblings’ shoes but have managed to succeed in their own ways and all the power to them. Bridget’s going to have a mind of her own, be independent and will probably surprise each and every one of us in the path she chooses to take. Lucas on the other hand is more laid-back, easy going, a bit forgetful but loves baseball and has a great sense of humour. He, too, will be another surprise in which path he chooses to take. I myself am looking forward to watching their progress into adulthood but at the same time wish each one of them would stay just the way they are. Afterall, as they grow and mature, so do I.

As for events previous to these two, Nat and I have been kept busy around the house. Nat’s been busy with more garden work, hanging the hummingbird feeder and putting up a small barrier over the little bridge. Our new neighbours have a tenant upstairs and his little black dog is quite persistent in running into our back yard all the while waiting for his owner to chase him. The little dog is cute but we’re finally tired of him doing his ‘business’ on our side and hearing his master’s voice in the evening trying to call him home. With that, Nat devised a little hanging gate that sits over the rungs of the bridge and is just high enough so little poochie can’t jump over.

While Nat was outside I was plugging away at pricing all those little items for the garage sale this coming weekend. Such a tedious job I took my time and did a little each day, but it’s finally done and hopefully I’ll make a little dough for my efforts.

Sunday the 25th saw Nat and I off to the Irwin household for Zach’s birthday BBQ. As always we had a great time and as always Daryl’s BBQed pork roast was tender and delicious. Along with wonderful salads, fruit and cakes, Nat and I were bursting at the seems on the way home. Not seeing Zach and Zoe as often as I’d like, I was totally taken aback when Zoe shouted out my name once we arrived and ran up for a hug and kiss. With or without motives, she made me feel ever so good and for that I thank you, Zoe Irwin. Another two kids that are growing up way too fast.

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