Father’s Day Was Fun

As weeks go, this one was pretty slow. Between Nat and I we were kept busy lounging in the new loungers in the afternoon after doing work around the house in the morning. Nat’s been extensively busy with the yard work and with every one thing that gets done, another seems to creep in. After putting things off for so long, he finally realized that it had to be done – clipping all of the bushes and shrubbery along the back creek and inbetween the deck and fence. He struggles trying to mow those areas and felt it would work better if things were just trimmed back.

It took one entire day to get everything clipped, trimmed and bundled and I tried to help as best I could. Managing to bundle several piles of clippings and branches, Nat had to step in and finish off the rest. While he was outside, I was getting much of the house cleaning done as I could and doing the usual laundry Saturday after groceries. We’ve both lost our “oomph” somehow and am finding it quite perplexing to get up out of our chairs in the morning and get going. A lot of folks will tell you that our little home doesn’t look like it needs much work, but as the two of us look around we can always see something we like changed. We muddle through and take our time doing what we can when we’re able.

We’re both enjoying the new loungers immensely. They’re comfy and I’ve even managed to get our beach umbrella (from our trips to Destin, Florida) supported behind mine in order to give plenty of shade. Most afternoons this past week we’ve spent the entire afternoon on the deck and we’ve been grateful that the weather has been pretty much perfect. We’ll enjoy this good weather as much as we’re able.

For Father’s Day I invited the family over for pizza and wings at supper time. The weather again co-operated and we all enjoyed sitting out on the new deck with plenty of room to spread out. Tom nestled in the lounger with this book and read the entire time, while Bridget and Felicia played with Laura’s dog, Zoe, on the lawn. Zoe was quite excited she had plenty of space to run around. Laura’s little townhome only has a small back patio and Zoe struggles to get her little legs running at full speed before hitting the fence. Our back yard provided her and the girls with plenty of lawn to run, play with her ball and wrestle about. Nat found some chording so Laura could extend Zoe’s leash to give her plenty of room to romp and giving Laura time alone to talk with the adults. As always the pizza and wings from Anetta’s Pizza was delicious and it seems everyone enjoyed themselves. Laura’s two kids, Karly and Lucas, were spending the day with their father, Shawn, and we certainly understood, but they were still missed.

With a successful Father’s Day behind us, Nat and I awoke Monday morning looking at more tasks at hand. Nat wanted to take all of those clippings to the dump, along with a few other items he was storing in the garage and now getting in his way. It took a couple of trips and despite that he still missed a couple of items that were left downstairs. Before leaving he brought all of the items up from downstairs that I’m putting into a garage sale on July 2nd so I can get them organized, sorted and priced. With Gail, Liz and Bonnie joining in I’m hoping we’ll have enough to make a driveway full of stuff to sell. After each garage sale I have, I swear I won’t do it again, but there’s always that “little thing” that pops up during the year that you really don’t want to give away and you know you can get a few bucks for it!! So you put it aside and before you know it you’ve collected another little pile of crap for next year!! I don’t mind having garage sales, it’s just the prep work that I’m getting to hate. The old body won’t co-operate and it’s frustrating that I can’t get things done as fast as I use to. Si la vie!!!

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