They Grow Up So Fast!

On an almost daily basis, Nat and I have been peeking in on the baby robins whenever Momma flew off to our backyard cafeteria to reload her tray of food. With each passing day we could see that the three babies were getting bigger and stronger. I’ve taken a few photographs whenever I could maneuver the camera around the ladder rungs and the deck rail. Pappa certainly knew a good spot when he saw it. You could get neck cramps just trying to twist and turn around the rungs whilst hanging over the rails. A contortionist I’m not!!

Saturday afternoon was another beautiful day despite the call for rain. The only rain that fell was a few spits, so once the spitting stopped we headed for the lounge chairs. Nat was working on his crosswords puzzles after dispersing his 25 bags of new soil around each of our little gardens, while I finished with laundry and house cleaning. Mid-afternoon I took a well-deserved ice cream break and after sucking away at the chocolate to reveal the icy cold ice cream underneath, I wandered onto the deck to see how Nat was doing. As has become my usual routine, I take a few quiet steps towards the nest and suddenly noticed a little bird sitting atop the same. I’m thinking he’s too big to be one of the babies, but as soon as I came closer, his little eyes took one gander and he attempted to fly away. His radar not being fully developed, he headed towards the side of the house, banged his little head and dropped to the ground. After recouping from what might have been a minor concussion in humans, he gathered his strength together and with that flew low to the ground and off into the trees behind. All of a sudden I could hear the loud peeps, tweets and screeches. I’m now thinking Momma Robin was watching these events from above and she’s now a little upset at me, to say the least. Her (I’m thinking) youngest baby had left the nest without her coaching and I, somehow, upset the apple cart. The screeching went on for quite some time and I can only assume she was hollering for her youngest to get the hell back  home where she could keep an eye on her.

With honest good intentions I was checking to see the babies progress so I could take one last picture. That idea got thwarted and I somehow missed the babies first introduction to flying. With some naivete I was hoping to maybe watch the flying lessons, if they did,  in fact, happen. So I’ll leave this little event in our lives with the last few pictures I did manage to take.

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