A Lounge To Lounge In And Chicks To Feed

“What the hell! Nothing else to do, right?? Yeah, let’s go for it!”  With those words in mind, Nat and I drove to Hamilton Tuesday morning. I had the bright idea of maybe checking a few other stores – like Lowe’s and The Bay – in Hamilton for lounge chairs, hoping either store would have something a little different than our usual haunts around this area. After arriving at Lowe’s we were somewhat disappointed. As always it was the “same old, same old” except maybe for one or two pieces that deviated on the same designs, but no lounge chairs to be seen. Nat still managed to pick up another baffle for the new bird feeder to keep the squirrels away, so at least it wasn’t a total wasted trip.

We then headed up the Mountain to Limeridge Mall to see what The Bay had in stock. We soon found out that we had to head down the Mall to their sister store, Home Outfitters, where all of the furniture and household accessories were sold. Not wearing my walking shoes and not having walked along Limeridge Mall in quite some time, my feet were starting to get a little achy in the flip flops I decided looked good with my outfit!! Oh woman, woman, what were you thinking!! We were pleasantly surprised at the stock of patio furniture and lounge chairs that were on display at Home Outfitters and we even had a couple to choose from. The new “gravity” loungers were kind of what I had in mind. My brother-in-law, Daryl, received one from my sister and from what I can tell he really likes it. The two on display looked great – one in mesh fabric and one with heavy cotton. One was $20.00 more than the other but eah had their own unique features. The mesh lounger had a little shade covering over the seat, along with a foot rest at the bottom and both of which were adjustable. An extra bonus, they were both 20% off. After a great bit of mulling it over we decided to go with the mesh fabric only because it seemed more durable and easier to clean. The shade covering and foot rest would also be handy for the likes of “little miss difficult” that can’t handle the heat.

Having a brilliant idea and not particularly wanting to carry two of those lounge boxes down the Mall stairs and back through the Mall to get to the car, Nat asked if we could, in fact, get these two chairs at our store in St. Catharines. We could! With that we were headed home, dropped off at The Gateway in Grimsby for a bite to eat and then headed into St. Catharines to pick up the two lounge chairs. Once we arrived we had a second look to make sure we were doing the right thing, and we double checked to make sure these were also on sale. Our lucky day, this particular Home Outfitters had the chairs at 25% off – an extra $10.00 savings is always a good thing!!! It goes without saying, we took two similar chairs and headed back home. The rest of the afternoon was spent staying cool indoors away from the hottest and humidest day of the year so far.

Prior to leaving for Hamilton, Nat noticed that the baby chicks – born a couple of days ago – were now starting to peek their little heads out of the nest. Momma Robin was busy feeding them and we naturally left her for the day to get on with the task at hand. With the arrival of Wednesday morning Nat and I fell into our usual routine before he left for his golf game just after lunch. While having our lunch on the deck we were surprised that Momma Robin continued on with her task and was finally coming to the realization that the two of us were not of any threat to her babies. Once she flew away to re-stock herself for baby food, I managed to snap a few pictures. Hope Momma doesn’t mind!!

Click on each photo to get a better look.


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