The “After-Lull”

After having a little excitement around the house for a couple of days, Nat and I are now back to our usual routine. Wednesday May 11th Nat was back to his usual golf game and for once had perfect weather. His first game of the season was pretty ugly – drizzling rain and the course covered in puddles. I still can’t get all of the muddy marks out of his golf pants!!

With Thursday being another nice day we took advantage and dusted off the patio furniture to set it up on the new deck. Only having a small square table with umbrella and four matching chairs, our set looked a little minuscule so we’ll have to consider buying a couple of additional pieces, which is what we had intended in the first place. We’re pleased that there will be plenty of space for guests to sit the next time we have a get-together. That evening we enjoyed a nice steak grilled to perfection on the BBQ and discussing the options we  had for any future pieces of furniture.

The beautiful weather continued on Friday and saw Nat running a couple of errands while I began to house clean. After having lunch on the patio we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the sun we had so dearly missed. Saturday was pretty much the same and it felt good to get back to sitting outside and finally enjoying the nice weather which, we soon discovered, was going to be short-lived.

Back into the rain on Sunday. We woke up to a dull, dreary and cold day. We couldn’t believe that we were just enjoying some desperately needed sunshine and within 12 hours we were back into what feels like the Fall. Not being able to accomplish anything outside we stayed put and I ended up washing our Winter coats to get them ready to put away for Summer. Positive thinking, I suppose!!

Monday morning saw Nat and I sneak out of the house inbetween rain drops. I had a couple of items to get in town and Nat came along for the ride. We were only gone about an hour but it was enough to let us know that there was still a world out there. Nat was totally frustrated by now as he was unable to finish his cupboards in the garage. He’s now got them installed but wants to organize them and he has to remove the van in order to get to his stuff. With the colder weather back it’s just a little too drafty out there for him to work. We’ll keep the good thoughts and hope the sun will shine again very soon. Our only excitement that afternoon was our lawn guy coming by to do the crabgrass treatment in the rain. Apparently this stuff has to be applied in the rain or when the lawn is wet, so Nat and I watched as Jason walked back and forth in his bright yellow jacket and hood while applying the corn gluten. We both agreed that since we’ve hired Team Green a year ago, our lawn is looking a million times better than when we moved into this house. The two lads have done as they promised and along with all of the rain our lawn is now looking as good as some of the newer houses on the street – but we don’t have the dandelions!!

Tuesday the 17th I headed into Niagara Square for a quiet couple of hours on my own. As usual, you could bowl in that Mall, but I always enjoy walking around Winners to see what’s new and exciting, along with shopping at my usual clothing store. I managed to pick up a couple pair of capris and blouses and hopefully I’ll be bright and springy by the time Summer finally arrives. While I was gone, Nat continued working in the garage organizing the shelves in his new cupboards and sorting through stuff he’s accumulated over the years. The garage is now looking much more organized and he’s managed to make additional space for his bigger saw table, lawn mower, etc. The rain began to fall later in the afternoon just in time for Nat and I to have a seat, read and do his crosswords until supper.

Wednesday saw Nat off to his usual golf game with the rain having dissipated about an hour previous to his leaving. He returned home disappointed with his game and the watery course, but at least was able to get out with his golfing buddies. I brought him up-to-date on the Momma Robin that’s been sitting in her little nest. A few weeks back Pappa Robin began building the nest on Nat’s ladder that hangs along the fence between our house and Wayne’s next door. The nest is nestled up against a rung of the ladder and is sitting on the sides where it’s sheltered from the elements and any critters that may come waltzing by. Momma Robin has now laid  her eggs and if you look closely and quietly out of the window we can see two little blue eggs nestled deep within the twigs. We’ve been ever so careful and diligent whenever closing the window blinds so as not to scare Momma away and let her little eggs get cold. We’re really looking forward to seeing her new brood and hopefully the sun will reappear and with new life bring the Summer sunshine.

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