How Much Rain Can Anyone Take?

Waking up this morning I was somewhat hopeful. Looking out the bedroom window everything looked dry – no rain. After getting dressed, Nat and I sat down for a little while before heading into Niagara Falls to visit Karly and Lucas. The two kids were going to be around so we could pop in to give them their belated Easter gifts.

Upon arrival we discovered the two kids had slept in. Who could blame them, a long weekend, no homework and time on their hands. The four of us sat down in the living room and had a great visit. They were pleased with their chocolate rabbit and iTunes cards and while Lucas continued to wake up we got caught up on what Karly has been doing lately. She enjoyed her job at the Veterinarian Hospital, but realized it wasn’t going to be quite as fulfilling as she had hoped. She’s now decided to continue with a veterinary education but branch out into a more challenging position. After her Grade 12 graduation in June, she’s going to repeat Grade 12 for one more year and then head up north to a college that will give her the courses she needs. Karly has always been a huge animal lover and now wants to pursue a career in saving and preserving wildlife of any size, shape or species. An admirable profession, I’d say!

Lucas by now was starting to show signs of life and after inquiring what his summer plans were, he replied “Still looking for a job”. “Any ideas as to what or with whom?”, we inquired. “Probably KFC”, he replied jokingly. Nat and I are pretty sure this young man has no idea of what he wants to do or where he wants to go. For now he’s loving his baseball games, his time off and his bed. This is one little saga we’ll have to sit and watch to unfold.

With our visit over and allowing the two kids to get back to their day off, we grabbed a bite to eat at Tim Horton’s, and continued home to vote early. This election has been tough for Nat and I, as we’ve struggled to decide which way to go. Who was going to be the lesser of three or four evils. As we had now finally made up our minds we decided to vote early and it would be done. Naturally, once we arrived at Tim Horton’s, the rain drops began. They continued on when we were finished, once we had voted and on the way home. Nat was disappointed, as he was hoping it would have stayed off long enough for him to get the lawn mowed. With the amount of rain we’ve had this past month the lawn has been having a great old time growing more and more.

The rain continued all afternoon and into the evening. We even understand it’s going to be on for the rest of the week and we’re now officially depressed. If nothing else it’s been an exacerbating month not being able to get out much. If we had been more clever, I suppose we should have tackled some of those indoor jobs that need doing. Not knowing at the time, however, that the whole month of April was going to be a wet one we sloughed off a bit and am now in a slump unable to muster up any ambition to do anything. Lacking sunshine and natural Vitamin C can eventually make anyone depressed. We’ll continue to keep the good thoughts and hope like hell the sun shines in May!!

By way of a P.S. – Nat and I watched The King’s Speech last night via our Apple TV. What a fabulous movie and certainly deserving of every Oscar award it received. The storyline was absolutely enlightening – little bits of background information not necessarily known to the general public – along with great cinema photography. I’m thinking this is one movie that I’d probably run out and buy to have in my collection. If you’re thinking about it, run, don’t walk, to your movie rental place and pick it up. It’s well worth the money and more!!

One thought on “How Much Rain Can Anyone Take?

  1. I would gladly take the rain. We had a snowstorm yesterday some rain during the night and the birdseed I threw out for the birds (who are in shock) slid across the ice crust on the 2″ of snow.

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