The Green, Green Grass of Home

Sunday morning we had the family over for Susan’s 49th birthday. Turkey sandwiches, salads, cookies and chocolate chip muffins were on the menu and it looked like everyone enjoyed their meal by the looks of their empty plates. Our gift to Susan was a new watch. She’s one of those fans of the Ingigo light on watches and as her old one was long broken, we decided this was the way to go. We also gave her one with a newer style band on it which is a deviation from her standard black leather strap. Once everyone had left Nat and I took a little time to clean up and then sat back and watched The Masters on TV.

Monday saw me back in the office continuing on with converting Gail’s tape cassettes. We ran a couple of errands in Fort Erie after lunch and then back into our normal routine. I’m making great progress on the conversions and on Bonnie’s font project, and I’m ever so pleased with the way things are going.

Tuesday we knew that Team Green (our lawn care service) was going to show up to do the rolling. Ever since we moved into this new little house, it’s been difficult to walk across our lawn without tripping over some sort of lump or pump. We had the lawn rolled last year, but by the time we decided to do so, it was a little too late in the year and I’m afraid it was good money out the window. This year, we informed Jason and his partner, Trevor, that we wanted it done and we were on the list for early Spring, which is when it should be done. With this house sitting on a double lot, it’s been difficult for Nat to get the lawn in shape. It was allowed to grow a little wild with the previous owner, and now it’s taking us some expense to get it back into shape. We decided to use a lawn care service in order to help Nat out. The service will have the proper tools and supplies on hand to treat the lawn, along with the proper knowledge of what to do and when, and it will save Nat aggravation in going to the garden centres, finding the right product, and then applying it. Jason and Trevor are two young lads who started their little business a few years back and they came highly recommended. Now Nat’s only chore will be to actually mow the lawn, take care of the gardening and then sit back and relax on our new deck. (Speaking of which, we’re still waiting!! Positive thoughts, though, he’ll be here any day, right??)

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will see Nat off to his first golf game for the season, and naturally he’s excited. I’ll get into my usual routine of working on my projects in the office. We’ve also both told ourselves that the bikes are definitely coming up from the basement this year and we’re going to make an honest effort to get into a biking routine. We always have good intentions but it remains to be seen whether we’ll carry them out!! I really hope we do get into a biking routine as I’m very anxious now to take off a few pounds. Again, more good intentions!!

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