The Warmer Weather Is Here, Where Are You?

With the weather being a little iffy these past few weeks, I understand why our contractor hasn’t shown up yet. The ground is still mushy and possibly frozen deep beneath the surface and the warmer days have just begun. I also understand he’s probably still finishing off jobs that began during the winter months, but when he shows up I’m sure he’ll finish our little renovation in no time and can get on with his other bigger jobs. I’m so excited about getting this new deck or patio completed so I can relax outside on Nat’s golf days, hook-up the iPad to the Wi Fi, sip on an icey cold drink, turn on my music and surf the web, write emails, start to design my possible new web page or just read a book if the old heart desires. I’m ready, so bring it on!!

While waiting for our contractor to show up, Nat and I have been whiling away the hours doing odd chores around the house. Nat has finally finished the wall downstairs that had the crack repaired. He’s re-insulated and drywalled so at least it looks clean again, but we’re not too concerned with doing any painting yet. I’m afraid the basement is the very very last thing on our possible renovation list. I, on the other hand, have completed converting Rose’s tape cassettes to CDs. Not having any classical music tapes myself, but still loving that genre, I had a great time listening to some Vivaldi, Haydn and even great waltz music, like the Blue Danube. Having found a great “App” (Air Display) for using my iPad as a second monitor to my Mac computer, I was able to put GarageBand on the iPad monitor and keep that running, while working on the Mac monitor installing and printing out Bonnie’s font project. The multi-tasking worked great and I accomplished so much. I’m now well into converting Gail’s rock ‘n roll ‘ n country tapes and she should be bopping up and down to some Chuck Berry, Jimmy Clanton, Duane Eddy and Freddy Cannon in no time.

Having completed Rose’s tapes and as I had a doctor’s appointment in Beamsville on Friday, Nat and I dropped in on Gail on the way home. I was thinking Rose would like to have her new CDs as soon as they were done so she could begin to enjoy them, plus it gave us a chance to see Gail, which we’ve not done in some time. We had a great visit, albeit a short one, and I also had a chance to get more input regarding Gail’s new blog Red Maple Designs, a site we set up for her to sell some of her beautiful hand-made jewellery. Here’s hoping you can sell it all, Gail!!!

Today (Saturday) saw Nat going out for groceries while I stayed home and cleaned the house a little, in order to get ready for the kids coming over on Sunday. It’s Susan’s 49th birthday and we invited the gang over for a little brunch and get-together. Nat and I popped a small turkey in the oven this afternoon and thought that would make for great sandwiches, along with some salads. We decided to go out for a fish ‘n chip supper in order to prevent temptation from setting in and finding us carving that bird for our own supper tonight. We’ll wait and reap our rewards on Sunday.

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