Anticipation Is Killing Me

If anyone knows me at all, like my sisters, they’ll understand why I’m getting antsy. Now that Nat and I have finally made the decision to have our back deck renovated (or enlarged), I’m ready. I’m ready now. Let’s get it on!! The nice weather has hit our little village this week, the ground is drying as I write and I’m waiting for our contractor to show up – any minute now, please!! I know it’s not practical to expect this project to be done ASAP, and I realize our contractor is a busy man. I can only assume that our guy is waiting for the new patio door to arrive, the lumber to be ordered and the balusters to be delivered. So I’ll pull in on my reins a tad and find some patience somewhere.

During this anticipation period of mine, I’ve been working away at Gail’s blog and business card. I’ve been having a great time and it’s been wonderful practice for me, not to mention the fact that I’m extremely flattered that she asked moi to do it. With the old brain cells deteriorating each year it sometimes gets harder for me to recall exactly how some things are done. As I had set up my two blogs several years ago, I’ve only had to do minor maintenance, along with a periodical freshening up by trying out some new WordPress themes. I love change and it’s always fun to try out any new themes that come along now and again.

With an extremely dull week behind us, Nat has finally had the chance to head on down to the driving range today. He’s dusted off a few clubs and with only three weeks to go before his golf league starts he was anxious to work out any kinks that may have set in during the winter months. I always feel guilty when I don’t tag along and keep him company. I realize that the exercise wouldn’t kill me, but I opted to stay home and plug away at a few projects instead.

The new ADS Instant Music converter finally arrived on Tuesday and I’m anxious to get it set up and start converting some tape cassettes for Gail and her friend, Rose. Another project that will certainly keep me busy during those lonely afternoons this summer when I’m a golf widow. This is another reason why I’m so anxious to get the new patio done, as I can sit out and enjoy the warmth of the sun, the chirping of the birds all the while using my iPad to work on any project I’ve got going on the inside. Okay, Mr. Contractor, I’m ready. You can come anytime now!

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