All Hands On Deck

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! We’re finally going to have our deck renovated. After a considerable amount of discussion as to timing and how to pay for this sucker, we just decided to do it. With the basement now (hopefully) leak proof we can concentrate on a new deck that I know we’ll both enjoy throughout the warmer months. With every sunny day that shines upon our little village, we can be seen sitting on what is now our little patio having our lunch, watching the birds, doing crosswords, reading and even surfing the web via our Wi Fi. This little patio has become a second living room for us and because of that we decided to forego any kitchen renovations for another year or so. I took a deep look inside of the old brain and admitted to myself that I can at least work with the kitchen the way it is now, but the deck is really too small for us, let alone anyone that decides to drop by and enjoy an ice cold drink while basking in our company!!

The first step, naturally, was to contact our contractor. We were extremely lucky in finding a great one when we renovated the dilapidated bathroom and it went without saying we’d use him again. Within a couple of days we had his quote in hand with varying design ideas and options. We decided to keep things simple because of financial constraints or priorities, but did deviate a tad by deciding on aluminum balusters. Hopefully this will be the deck we enjoy for the duration of our time in this house and we did, at least, want it to have some “design” to it. The aluminum balusters come in varying designs and colours and so we decided to splurge by a couple hundred bucks or so!

The old deck will be torn down – thank God – and a newer, longer one built. In the process of tearing down the present patio we’ll have time to backfill underneath in order to add some sloping or grading away from the foundation to prevent or deter any further water damage. The new deck will be more than double the size it is now and the stairway will be facing the back yard and south-facing end of the house. I’m so looking forward to just having the extra space! With everything now approved we’re just waiting for the drier weather to be upon us, but our contractor has advised he’s ordered the new patio door and can start as soon as possible. I’m going to have to stock up on cookies, as I handed out treats while the bathroom was being renovated and I think I created a few “big” cookie monsters!!

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