The Crack Is Now Plugged!

Friday morning found Nat and I waiting with some anxiousness for the arrival of Ed – the professional who was going to repair the crack in the basement wall. As a major rain storm was forecast for Saturday we were both hoping to get this thing repaired. As our pro wasn’t scheduled to arrive until mid-afternoon we decided to get a jump on the bad weather and get a few groceries early. We’d also have Saturday free to keep an eye on whatever repairs are done and enjoy the warmth of our little house during the rain.

Showing up at our door with little supplies in hand, Ed, along with Nat, headed downstairs to get started. In order to get to the entire crack, the two men began to tear down another portion of the wall and it soon became apparent how this crack got started – a steel supporting beam was rearing its little head and it was evident that with time and settling some sort of cracking would appear.

As in baking, the “prep work” is everything, even time-consuming and so it was with this epoxy procedure. Tearing down drywall, insulation, floor joists, prepping the concrete and putting in the plugs where necessary, kept the two men busy for quite some time. As I sat in the office (which is just above the stairway) making huge strides in Bonnie’s font project, I’d hear Ed start to tell a story of his adventures in his business. You could hear the patience in Nat’s voice as he began to realize that this nice man had the gift of gab. Every now and again Nat would excuse himself, especially when Ed took a smoke break, sit down beside me in the office and bring me up-to-date. I couldn’t help but feel he was just looking for a few peaceful moments before returning to the job at hand.

As the prep work proceeded, it was becoming apparent that the complete job wouldn’t be finished that evening. It was now getting close to, and in fact past, suppertime and I knew hubby was getting hungry. We’re early eaters and anything past 5:00 pm for the two of us can create major hunger pangs! Realizing the time, Ed explained he would return Saturday morning to do the actual epoxy injections and the job would then be completed. With that, Nat and I finally sat down to a quiet supper in front of the television watching the news.

As I laid in bed Saturday morning contemplating what I’d get up to, I could hear noises coming from the basement. A major rain storm had, in fact, began during the night and I had a pretty good guess of what was going on down there. Once up and into my usual pill routine, I asked Nat if there were problems overnight. Yes, all of those plugs that were put in on Friday (or at least 4 or 5 of them) were dripping like a broken faucet. Nat had an instinct that the water would find it’s way in and he was right. He explained that the water had found its way around the plugs during the night and in order to stall until Ed arrived he mopped up what he could and grabbed a bucket to catch the now-constant dripping from what looked like a mini-waterfall.

Once Ed finally arrived close to noon hour he didn’t sound too concerned about the rain. The procedure could still be completed but would just take a bit more pressure for the injection of the epoxy. Nat was now finding this whole affair fascinating – a guy thing, I guess – so I remained steadfast in the office chair completing one of the font binders and feeling good about what I was accomplishing. Now that I’ve completed one binder, the second (and possibly third) should go much faster as I’ve done the prep work and have a routine, which always makes any task easier.

With a small amount of odour now emanating from the basement I knew the epoxy was flowing into that trouble-making crack in our wall and soon we’d have peace of mind knowing we won’t drown in our sleep. Within a couple of hours Ed was done, told us his bill would be in the mail, said his goodbyes and was headed home for his daughter’s 13th birthday. Nat was tired from the constant standing, I was tired from the constant sitting and as we were both smelling a somewhat noxious odour, we headed down the road for a nice fish and chip supper at Green Acres which was now opened for the season. One more project off the list, another 20 or more to go!!

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