Hubby Loves Me, This I Know

Valentine’s Day saw Nat and I getting ready to drive into Hamilton for my annual check-up at St. Joe’s. Before leaving he presented me with a beautiful box of chocolates from my favourite chocolate shop – Nigh’s – and together we’ll savor each and every morsel.

As usual the waiting at the Renal Clinic is longer than the actual visit with the Doc, but my report was good and he was more than pleased with my creatinine levels, of which he said was lower than he’s seen in any other transplant patient. Of course, he’s always concerned about my overall health and after asking the question “How is everything else” I went on to explain another major concern that’s been affecting my life. The Doc diagnosed what the problem was, explained a lot of the issues surrounding the same and answered the questions Nat and I threw at him. Feeling a lot better about this whole affair, Nat and I were soon headed home with good information that would help me get back on track.

Tuesday and Wednesday flew by with little excitement and after asking the usual question Wednesday night “So, what’s on for tomorrow?“, Nat replied “I‘ve got an idea.” “And what may that be“, I queried. “Why don’t we go over to Walden Galleria Mall, take a look around and then go to the Olive Garden for lunch“. This is a man after my own heart, I thought. “It’s a done deal“, I said.

We were up and out the door this morning and headed to the border by 9:45 am. No traffic, no congestion or line-ups, the trip across to the U.S. was swift and easy. We reached Walden Galleria Mall as the stores were opening for business and with hardly anyone in sight, prractically had the place to ourselves. We did the usual haunts – William-Sonoma, Apple Inc., Brookstone, Pottery Barn and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Checking each store for what was new, what was on sale, what we couldn’t get in Canada, and generally looking around. We had a great time, and in between portions of the Mall, we’d have a sit down before heading onto the next section.

Having been to Walden Galleria Mall with dear sisters, Gail and Bonnie, a year or so ago, I was trying to remember out loud to Nat the name of the clothing store Gail had taken us to. “I’m positive it starts with a C“, I explained, but for the life of me couldn’t remember the rest of the name. It wasn’t until we were ready to go home and while taking that leisurely walk towards our exit, I spotted the store. “That’s IT”, I cried – “Christopher & Banks“. I confirmed it was the right store when I spotted the logo on the back wall – “C J Banks” – and remembered the three of us in the back of that store trying on all kinds of goodies.

As Nat and I browsed around it was evident there were some great sales to be had. Nat agreed with me that this was a more upscale store for women of my age and stocked a more modern look from the stores I normally shop at in Canada. It wasn’t long before I spotted a couple of blouses that I liked and Nat encouraged me to try them on. An added bonus, they were on sale. The whole store was 30% off, so how could I loose. After modeling the two and getting Nat’s approval that they looked good, I was standing at the check-out and ready to go. I turned around, looked at Nat and remarked that I didn’t really need these. “Yes you do“, he replied. This is when I knew in my heart that Nat understood. Despite the fact that he doesn’t understand everything that goes on in life, when he gets it right, he gets it right. It may only be a couple of blouses, but he knew it meant the world to me at this point and that’s all he had to do, nod his head and say “Yes, you do”.

Our day was topped off with a wonderful lunch at the Olive Garden conveniently located across the street from the Mall. This is why I know Hubby loves me – he keepeths me in nice clothing and feedeths me great Italian food that soothes the soul and warms the heart.

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