Pains-Steakingly Good!!

Friday night’s meal at The Keg was without disappointment. My usual order of the Teriyaki steak was tender, juicy and melt in your mouth goodness along with a crunchy side of veggies and flaky baked potato. I savoured every bite. Nat, on the other hand, decided to break free and order something different. He decided on the steak with shrimp covered in a Bechamel sauce and under-estimated how rich the sauce would be. No denying his meal was delicious, he was just worried about that rich sauce coming back to bite him later. Our whole evening was superb – the wine, the steak and the surprise ending of being presented with a large slice of Billy Miner Pie. The restaurant had asked Nat if the reservation was for a special event and after being told, had obviously made note, and their infamous huge slice of ice cream cake smothered in slivered almonds and drizzled with chocolate was laid before us once our main meal was finished. Despite the fact that we were both very full, we somehow devoured that delicious piece of creamy goodness.

Saturday morning we headed into Ridgeway for a few groceries. Not needing very much, after a trip to Costco a couple of weeks back, we only required a few necessities and would then spend the rest of the day doing some household chores. Having done a thorough cleaning the week before, it was only a light dusting required this time around and after finishing a couple loads of laundry, my tasks for the day were done. With the usual Saturday night hockey game on, I loaded up the old iPad with podcasts and prepared myself for some game playing and self-entertainment while keeping Nat company watching the game.

The snow began to fall again mid-Saturday afternoon and continued on through the night. Knowing what was to come we told ourselves it was going to be another quiet Sunday indoors. Nat donned his warm woolies, gloves, hat, boots, etc. and was out the door by 9:00 AM to shovel what had fallen the night before. With the snow being that light, fluffy stuff, Nat didn’t have to struggle as much. The snow fall a few days back contained small amounts of ice and it was a real chore for Nat and myself to get the driveway, walkway and back patio cleared.

Yes, I said “myself” in that last sentence. With pangs of guilt hanging around the old brain, I offered to help Nat as best I could with the shovelling this past week. Too many times I’m sitting in the warmth of our living room looking out the front window and watching as Nat stops shovelling around the mail box in order to take a break. Even from the window I can see his chest heaving from exhaustion and I’m forever wishing there was a way I could relieve him of this seasonal chore. Feeling pretty perky and after insisting a couple of times, he finally gave in and said I could help by shovelling our front walkway. Bundled up in my boots, coat, ear muffs and gloves, I grabbed the shovel and away I went. “This isn’t so bad” I told myself. Yes, the snow was a bit heavy, but taking my time I managed to clear a good path to the front door, including clearing off the front stoop and shaking off the door mat of any loose snow that had fallen upon it. Feeling pretty good about helping dear hubby I was soon back indoors and started preparing for our lunch.

It was that very night as I was getting into bed I felt a little pang in my lower left hip. Thinking I had been sitting in my easy chair slumped down and leaning a bit to the left a little too long, I figured the pain would subside by morning. Silly me!! It got worse as the night wore on and in the morning after explaining my discomfort to Nat, he realized what I had done. “You’ve done what I’ve done in the past” he explained. “You’ve twisted the wrong way and didn’t know it, while you were shovelling”. Geez, I’m thinking he’s right and his suspicions were confirmed as the day wore on and this uncomfortable pain continued but only felt better whenever I walked about the house. The pain has slowly subsided since then, but the good feeling of helping out hubby hasn’t. It was worth every pang!

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