Best Wishes And Hot Dishes

Weathermen everywhere were predicting a monstrous snow storm for Wednesday and to be prepared for the worst. Believing what we were hearing, Nat and I accordingly heeded their warnings and cancelled our supper plans for The Keg that evening to celebrate my birthday. Not wanting to take any chances we felt it best to just rebook for Friday when the roads would be cleared and the sun was suppose to shine.

As Tuesday evening approached a little snow began to fall and with the arrival of Wednesday morning we were both very pleasantly surprised that we didn’t get hit like other parts of the Province. We were, however, still pleased that we had cancelled our dinner plans and decided to just stay put for the entire day. We ended up literally doing nothing. As Nat fiddled away at his crosswords I watched some brain-dead television shows I had taped. As the day wore on the snow began to hit our little village big time. It snowed and it snowed and it snowed, right into the evening hours, and our faith in the weatherman returned – he was right, but just a little late. Having foreseen the future on Tuesday and with no other dinner plans, I figured a good hearty beef stew would be a real treat on a cold, snowy winter’s night. I had taken out the stewing beef from the freezer the night before, the Cheddar Bay Biscuits had also been pre-made and in the freezer and by noon hour the crock pot was taken down from the shelf. We were ready for at least a good meal.

Some birthday cards started arriving early. Nat’s sister, Jenny, in England sends her two birthday cards (one for Nat and one for me) with her Christmas cards. She saves postage that way and when they arrive I set them aside for the appropriate dates. Her card was placed aside with Gail’s and Wendy’s that also arrived early and would be read on Sunday when I would open everyone’s cards, along with the gifts from the kids and Nat.¬† More birthday greetings arrived in our mail and email boxes from Claudia, Michele, Thamazine and Bonnie on my actual birth date. My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of them.

With the cards displayed on the table, the crock pot bubbling away, Nat and I enjoyed our peaceful afternoon watching what was now falling from the heavens. Mother Nature had finally remembered where we were and decided to bring us up-to-date with the rest of the Province. All that snow was now headed our way and it made for a pretty picture looking out our living room window as it fell peacefully to the ground. We were snuggled in our easy chairs waiting for the stew to be cooked, the biscuits warmed and our bellies to be filled with goodness. Every now and again we’d lift the lid from the crock pot to stir the stew and to soak up that wonderful aroma emitting therefrom. We were ready, bring it on!!

Finally as meal time approached, we popped the biscuits into the oven to warm and ladled ourselves a big bowl of beef stew packed full of chunky beef, onions, potatoes, carrots, celery and peas. The Cheddar Bay biscuits were warm and cheesy and the stew hot and hearty. We enjoyed every spoonful. My evening was topped off with a phone call from little bros. in Sudbury wishing me a happy birthday. Not one for emotional outbursts or reaching out, little brother’s call was very nice indeed and after an hour of chit chat I hung up the receiver, wiped the sweat from my ear and returned to my easy chair with a smile on my face. Somehow Clair just knows when to bring it home!!

Not exactly the most exciting birthday a gal can have, but as age suddenly starts to define who you are, you begin to realize huge celebrations don’t matter anymore. You slowly begin to wish for quiet days and best wishes – along with a good meal. This year I’m lucking out – a good home cooked meal one day and a steak dinner another. Diamonds were never my forte, but a good steak brings tears to my eyes!!

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